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Obolos 5

26 June 2016

Very rare and of beautiful imitative style

Starting Price: 100 CHF
Hammer Price: 600 CHF
Lot 98

ISLANDS OFF THRACE, Thasos. Circa 404-340 BC. Trihemiobol (Silver, 12 mm, 0.63 g, 12 h), an imitation of an issue from Thasos, for use in the Thracian region. Satyr running right, holding kantharos. Rev. ΘAΣ-ION (retrograde) Volute krater with tall handles. Unpublished and unknown, but cf. Gemini IX, 2012, 80 for another imitation of different style and with blundered legend. Very rare and of beautiful imitative style. Good very fine.

From a European collection, formed before 2005.

Imitations of classical Thasian coins are very rare indeed. The Gemini specimen was attributed to the eastern Celts, but this seems unlikely considering that the Celtic migration to the Southern Balkan Peninsula only started in the very late 4th and early 3rd Century BC. A Thracian or Odrysian background is more plausible, but must remain a tentative attribution.

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