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Auction 19
Estimate: 1500 CHF
Constans II, with Constantine IV, 641-668. Half Follis (Bronze, 23 mm, 6.16 g, 6 h), Cherson, indiction year B = 2 = 658-659. Constans II and Constantine IV standing facing, both crowned and wearing chlamys, each holding globus cruciger on their right hand; above and between their heads, cross. Rev. K/B Constans II standing facing, holding globus cruciger. DOC 210 (as Bosporus?). MIB 227. SB 1145C. Very rare. With a dark, greenish-black patina. From the same dies as the piece in the Füeg Collection, Stacks 12 January 2009, 3157. Usual striking and flan faults, otherwise, good very fine.
obolos webauction 15
april 2020
Obolos 14
Estimate: 100 CHF
Titus, 79-81. Sestertius (Orichalcum, 34 mm, 24.30 g, 7 h), eastern mint, possibly in Thrace, 80-81. IMP T CAES DIVI VESP F AVG P M TR P P P COS VIII Laureate head of Titus to right. Rev. PAX AVGVST / S-C Pax standing to left, holding branch and cornucopia. RIC² 498. RPC II 501. A very interesting coin. Uncleaned deposits and with many contemporary, and one modern, slashes on both sides, otherwise, fine.
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