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Nomos 33 Realized: 2200 CHF
MACEDON. Aineia. Circa 450 BC. Tetrobol (Silver, 15 mm, 2.32 g, 4 h). Head of Aineias to left, with a light beard and wearing a crested Corinthian helmet. Rev. AI/N/E/AΣ in a shallow incuse around a raised quadripartite square. AMNG III/2, 5. HGC 3.1, 375. SNG ANS 73. SNG Copenhagen 34. Very rare. Nicely toned. With die faults behind the head on the obverse and a few scratches on the reverse, otherwise, very fine.

online auction

Obolos 32 Realized: 300 CHF
MEROVINGIANS. Uncertain mint. Circa 700-750. Denier (Silver, 11 mm, 0.97 g, 9 h). A:RD VICO Diademed bust to right. Rev. ADARCIR●(?) Cross. Apparently unpublished in the standard references, but cf. lot 133 in this sale for the same obverse type (from the same die). Extremely rare, and possibly unique with this reverse. Somewhat rough surfaces and minor marks, otherwise, good very fine.

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