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Nomos 31 Realized: 100 CHF
IONIAN ISLANDS, Ionian State, as a British protectorate. 1815-1864. 1 New Obol 1835 (Copper, 16 mm, 1.81 g, 6 h), London, struck from dies prepared by W. Wyon, plain edge. BRITANNIA᛫ Helmeted Britannia seated to right on shield decorated with the Union Jack, holding trident with her extended left hand and resting her right on the shield. Rev. ΙΟΝΙΚΟΝ ΚΡΑΤΟΣ᛫ 1835᛫ The winged lion of Saint Mark walking to left, holding Book of Gospels surmounted by 7 arrows representing the 7 Ionian islands. Karamitsos I.20. KM 34. Graded by NGC "AU 55 BN". Cert number: 2909117-007.

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Obolos 31 Realized: 360 CHF
Politikon Coinage, circa 1320-1350. Tornese (Silver, 14 mm, 0.28 g, 12 h), Constantinople. Double headed eagle. Rev. +ΠOΛITIKON Cross pattée. LPC 9. SB 2580. Extremely rare. Typical crude strike, but with clear legend, otherwise, very fine.

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