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nomos auction 21
13 november 2020
Auction 20
Estimate: 175 CHF
Maurice Tiberius, 582-602. Semissis (Gold, 18 mm, 2.19 g, 6 h), Constantinople, 583/4-602. D N MAVC-CI P P AVC Diademed, draped and cuirassed bust of Maurice to right. Rev. VICTORI-A AVGG / CONOB Victory standing facing, head to left, holding wreath and globus cruciger. DOC 12c. MIB 17a. Sb 486. Struck on a broad flan. Some roughness, otherwise, extremely fine.
obolos webauction 16
september 2020
Obolos 15
Estimate: 75 CHF
KINGS OF MACEDON. Alexander III 'the Great', 336-323 BC. Hemidrachm (Silver, 14 mm, 2.05 g, 12 h), Babylon, circa 324/3 BC. Head of youthful Herakles to right, wearing lion's skin headdress. Rev. AΛEΞANΔ Zeus seated left on a backless throne, holding eagle in his right hand and long scepter in his left; in field to left, M; under throne, monogram. Price 3605. Attractive and free from the usual corrosion found on fractions from Babylon - one of the last lifetime issues of Alexander. Good very fine.
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