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Obolos 5

26 June 2016

From the Velkov Collection, Vinchon 1994

Starting Price: 7500 CHF
Hammer Price:  9500 CHF
Lot 67

SICILY, Syracuse. Dionysios I, 405-367 BC. 100 Litrai (Gold, 18mm, 5.80 g 3), unsigned but by Euainetos, c. 405-400. [ΣΥΡΑΚΟΣΙΩΝ] Head of Arethusa to left, her hair bound up in a sphendone ornamented with two stars, wearing a single-pendant earring and a pearl necklace; globule in field before and behind her neck. Rev. Youthful Herakles kneeling to right on rocky ground line, grappling with the Nemean lion. Bérend 14/1, 2 (this coin). SNG ANS 327-328 (same dies). SNG Lloyd 1421. Good style. Struck from slightly rusty and worn dies, otherwise, good very fine.

Ex Sincona 10, 27 May 2013, 31 and from the Velkov collection, Vinchon 24 November 1994, 16 and originally purchased during the 1970s.

James Velkov, a wealthy Bulgarian who lived in France, seems to have become highly excited by gold coins at roughly the time of Kunstfreund. According to Silvia Hurter, who knew him quite well, at that time he seems to have had loads of money and just bought everything that wasn’t nailed down!

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