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Obolos 5

26 June 2016

A very rare Drachm

Starting Price: 100 CHF
Hammer Price:  320 CHF
Lot 42

EASTERN CELTS. 3rd-2nd century BC. Drachm (Silver, ), imitating Alexander III (obverse) and Lysimachos (reverse) staters. Helmeted head of Athena to left, with serpent coiled on the helmet bowl. Rev. [...]NΛ Athena seated left on throne with shield, holding Nike in her outstretched right hand, resting her left elbow on shield and holding a transverse spear in her left hand; before Athena’s head, four pellets. De la Tour pl. 53, 10061. Flesche 558-559. Göbl OTA 45, 596/1. Very rare. A lovely example with an unusual type combination. Struck on a slightly short flan as all other known examples, otherwise, good very fine.

From the collection of a Swiss mathematician, formed in the 1980s.

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