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Obolos 26

18 December 2022


Enigmatic ΚΟΣΩΝ

Price: 1000 CHF
Lot 49

SKYTHIA. Geto-Dacians. Koson, mid 1st century BC. Stater (Gold, 19 mm, 8.76 g, 12 h). ΚΟΣΩΝ Α Roman consul walking left, accompanied on either side by a lictor; to left, monogram of BR. Rev. Eagle standing left on scepter, holding wreath in its talons; to lower left, pellet. Hourmouziadis dies A/a. Iliescu 1. RPC I 1701A. Lustrous and sharp. Extremely fine.

This enigmatic gold coinage has kept numismatists busy since the time of Joseph Hilarius Eckhel, who assumed that it was issued by the city of Cosea in Etruria (The ΚΟΣΩΝ on the obverse fooled him!). He was certainly wrong. Coin hoards clearly place it in Transylvania. However, who issued these coins and when, is still controversially discussed (for an overview of the history of research, see: C. Preda, Ein neuer Vorschlag zur Chronologie der Koson-Münzen, in: U. Peter (Ed.), Stephanos numismaticos, 1998, 555-561).

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