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Obolos 26

18 December 2022


Hannibalic War Issue

Price: 250 CHF
Lot 14

CALABRIA. Tarentum. Punic occupation, circa 212-209 BC. 1/2 Shekel (Silver, 19 mm, 3.85 g, 3 h), struck under the magistrtes Ek..., Zo..., and Kritos. KRITO-Σ Youth on horse prancing right, crowning horse with wreath held in right hand and holding palm branch and reins in left. Rev. ΤΑΡΑΣ Taras astride dolphin left, holding crowning Nike in right hand and trident in left; to left, monogram of EK; to right, monogram of ΖΩ. HN III 1080. Vlasto 980. SNG France 2067. Extremely fine.

During the Second Punic War Tarentum switched sides in 212 BC and joined forces with Hannibal. The Punic army took control of the city but could not get access to the citadel, which remained in the hands of Roman allies. The strategic value of Tarentum for Hannibal was much diminished by the inability to take the enemy stronghold within the city.

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