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Obolos 19

8 May 2021

Extremely rare

Price: 100 CHF
Lot 78

SICILY. Akragas. Circa 410-406 BC. Litra (Silver, 13.5 mm, 0.69 g, 9 h). ΑΚΡΑΓΑΝΤ-Ι-ΝΟΝ Two eagles standing right on dead hare, the nearer with closed wings and its head thrown back screaming in triumph, the further with wings open and head turned down, tearing at its prey with its beak. Rev. Crab with Α between its claws; below, grouper (polyprium cerium), with open jaws, swimming to right. Basel 263 (same dies). BMC 73-4 (same dies). Jameson 516 (same dies). Rizzo pl. 3, 6 (same dies). SNG Lloyd 829 (same dies). SNG Lockett 719 (same dies). Westermark, Akragas, 605 (O1/R1). Extremely rare. Porosity, otherwise, very fine.

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