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Obolos 19

8 May 2021
Price: 150 CHF
Lot 26

CALABRIA. Tarentum. Circa 272-240 BC. Nomos (Silver, 21 mm, 6.72 g, 3 h), struck under the magistrate Kynon. Nude youth riding horse walking to right, raising his right hand to crown the horse's head; below horse, bearded mask of Silenos facing; below right, KY / NΩN; in upper left field, monogram of AP. Rev. TΑΡΑΣ Phalanthos seated astride dolphin to left, holding kantharos in his extended right hand and resting his left on the back of the dolphin. HN III 1031. Vlasto 860. SNG ANS 1189. Well-centered. Obverse strike a bit soft, otherwise, good very fine.

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