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Obolos 17

20 December 2020

Illustrated in the standard reference

Price: 50 CHF
Lot 12

EASTERN EUROPE, Eravisci. Late 1st century BC, or later. Denarius (Silver, 18 mm, 3.21 g, 10 h), imitating a Republican denarius of L. Roscius Fabatus of 59 BC. Head of Juno Sospita to right, wearing goat's skin headdress; behind, branch; below chin, C·. Rev. Female standing left, feeding serpent to left; to right, four small pellets around large pellet; pseudo-legend in exergue. CCCBM I S247 (same reverse die). Davis Class B, Group II. Freeman 11/N, pl. 29, 15 (this coin illustrated). Lanz -. Beautiful iridescent toning. Very fine.

From an American collection, and formerly of the RBW collection.

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