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Obolos 32

The Childeric Collection of Merovingian Coinage

Webauction, 30 June 2024


Scarce Denomination

Starting Price: 1800 CHF
Hammer Price:  9500 CHF
Lot 5

MEROVINGIANS, Pseudo-Imperial. Circa 491-525. Solidus (Gold, 20 mm, 4.34 g, 7 h), in the name of Anastasius I, uncertain mint in Gaul. D N ANASTA-SIV-S P P AVG / CONOB Diademed, helmeted and cuirassed bust of Anastasius (?) facing, holding spear and shield decorated with horseman and fallen enemy motif. Rev. VICTORI-A AVGGG Γ Victory standing facing, head to left, holding long jewelled cross; in the field to left, Λ; in the field to right, ten-pointed star. Belfort 5035 var. (no Λ on the reverse). Very rare and apparently unpublished with Λ on the reverse. A pleasing specimen. Minute hairline flan cracks, otherwise, extremely fine.

From the Childeric Collection of Merovingian Coinage, acquired in 2014 and previously in an old collection.

This coin was analysed by Arent Pol and shows a gold content of 98%.

Online bidding closes: 30 Jun 2024, 14:02:30 CEST Current Date & Time: 19 Jul 2024, 08:27:53 CEST Remaining Time: Closed Hammer Price:9500 CHF by MailBidder7072 (17 bids)
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