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Obolos 27

21 March 2023

Price: 500 CHF
Lot 39

SICILY. Syracuse. Second Democracy, 466-405 BC. Tetradrachm (Silver, 29 mm, 16.86 g, 2 h), circa 450-440. Charioteer, holding reins in left hand and kentron in right, driving a quadriga to right; above, Nike flying right to crown the horses; in exergue, ketos right. Rev. ΣΥΡΑΚΟΣΙ-ΩΝ Head of Arethusa to right, hair tied with a double band and knotted at the back of her head; around, four dolphins swimming clockwise. Bement 473 (same dies). Boehringer Series XVIb, 571 (V287/R391). Jameson 769 (same dies). Pozzi 581 (same dies). SNG ANS 184 (same dies). SNG Copenhagen 650 (same reverse die). Toned. Light scratches under the tone, otherwise, very fine.

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