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Nomos 24

22 May 2022 14:00 CEST
Zunfthaus zur Saffran, Zurich
Estimate: 12500 CHF
Hammer Price: 28000 CHF
Lot 23

SICILY. Messana. Circa 412-408 BC. Tetradrachm (Silver, 26.0 mm, 16.98 g, 1 h). The nymph Messana, wearing chiton, standing left and holding a goad with her right hand and the the reins in both, driving biga of mules walking to left; above, Nike flying right to crown Messana; in exergue, two opposed dolphins. Rev. ΜΕΣΣ-ΑΝ-ΙΟΝ Hare springing to right; below, head of youthful Pan to right, with curly hair and with a tiny horn over his forehead. Basel 367 (same dies). Caltabiano 611.7 (D219/R240, this coin). Jameson 655 (same dies). Nanteuil 302 (same dies). Rizzo pl. 26, 13 (same dies). SNG Ashmolean 1849 (same dies). SNG Lloyd 1100 (same dies). Beautifully toned, beautifully centered and well-struck. Extremely fine.

From a European collection, ex Leu Numismatics 72, 12 May 1998, 81, and Bank Leu 45, 26 May 1988, 46, from the collection of R. A. van Every, Bank Leu 15, 4 May 1976, 85, and ex Hess-Leu 24, 16 April 1964, 55 (do note that this coin has also been cited as being ex Egger, 10 December 1906, 119 - in fact, while that coin is from the same dies it is certainly not this piece) .

Online bidding closes: 22 May 2022, 09:00:00 CEST Current Date & Time: 2 Jun 2023, 13:22:55 CEST Remaining Time: Closed Hammer Price:28000 CHF

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