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nomos auction
nomos auction 22
22 june 2021
Auction 22
Estimate: 500 CHF
Lot 251
SELEUKID KINGS OF SYRIA. Demetrios III Eukairos, 97/6-88/7 BC. Tetradrachm (Silver, 31 mm, 15.90 g, 12 h), Damascus, year ΒΚΣ = 222 = 91/90. Diademed and bearded head of Demetrios to right. Rev. ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ / ΔΗΜΗΤΡΙΟΥ / ΘΕΟΥ - ΦΙΛΟΠΑΤΟΡΟΣ / ΣΩΤΗΡΟΣ Cult statue of Atargatis standing facing with long veil falling from her head, holding flower in her left hand, and with a barley stalk rising from each shoulder; in the outer left field, Ν over monogram of ΕΥ; in exergue, date ΒΚΣ; all within laurel wreath. HGC 9, 1305. LSM 127. SC 2451.6. Sharply struck and with a fascinating reverse type. Minor porosity and deposits on the obverse, otherwise, nearly extremely fine.
obolos webauction
obolos webauction 19
8 may 2021
Obolos 19
Estimate: 75 CHF
Lot 536
MACEDON. Thessalonica. Herennius Etruscus, Caesar, 249-251. Diassarion (Bronze, 22.5 mm, 10.17 g, 1 h). KAI KVIN EPEN MECI ETPOVCKIΛΛΟΝ ΔΕΚΙΟΝ Bareheaded, draped and cuirassed bust of Herennius Etruscus to right. Rev. ΘECC/ΑΛΟΝΙ/ΚΗ ΚΟΛ · M/HT Δ ΝE/ΩΚΟΡΟC in five lines within wreath. Touratsoglou - (but same obverse die as 8-10/8-11, V 1; for the reverse legend used with a figure of Kabiros, see T 8). Unpublished. Dark patina with green deposits. Very fine.
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