nomos 9
21 October 2014
Zunfthaus zur Saffran, Zürich
INDIA, Kushan Empire. Vima Kadphises, c. 100-127/8. 2 Dinars (Gold, 24mm, 15.91 g 12), ‘Mint A’, third issue. BACIΛEYC OOH-MO KAΔΦICHC Diademed and robed figure of Vima Kadphises seated facing on clouds, head to right, wearing tiara, and holding a mace in his right hand; at his shoulders, flames; to left, tamgha Rev. maharajasa radadirajasa trarvaloga isvarasa mahisvarasa Vima Kathphshasa tratarasa (in Karosthi) Siva, ithyphallic, standing facing, head to left, holding trident in his right hand and resting his left on the shoulder of the bull Nandi, standing to right behind him; in field to left, Buddhist Triratanam. Donum Burns 75. MK 10. Very rare. A splendid example, very well struck and with clear designs. Good extremely fine.
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