obolos 9
25 March 2018
ITALY. Venezia (Venice). Andrea Dandolo, 1342-1354. Ducat (Gold, 20 mm, 3.51 g, 6 h). ANDR DANDVLO / S M VENETI / DVX St. Mark standing right, presenting banner to Doge kneeling left. Rev. SIT T XRE DAT O TV / REGIS ISTE DVCAT Christ the Redeemer standing facing within mandorla with nine stars. Friedberg 1219. Paolucci 1. About very fine.
Hammer Price: 260 CHF
Starting Price: 100 CHF
ITALY. Venezia (Venice). Marco Cornaro, 1365-1367. Soldino (Silver, 16 mm, 0.54 g, 9 h), 59th Doge, Secondo Aventurado, mintmaster. + MARC' COR-NAR' DVX Doge kneeling left, holding banner. Rev. +•S• MARCVS• VENETI• Lion of Venice (San Marcus) rampant left, holding banner; S to left. CNI VII 2. Gamberini 109. Paolucci 2. Well struck clear example with excellent details. Virtually as struck.
Hammer Price: 95 CHF
Starting Price: 40 CHF
ITALY. Venezia (Venice). Andrea Contarini, 1367-1382. Soldino (Silver, 15 mm, 0.53 g, 11 h), 60th Doge, Filippo Barbarigo, mintmaster. +ANDR'Q'TAR DVX Doge kneeling left, holding banner; to left, F. Rev. +S MARCVS VENETI Lion of S. Marco left. CNI VII 17. Paolucci 4. Garberini 120. Well struck, sharp and clear example. Virtually as struck.
Hammer Price: 85 CHF
Starting Price: 40 CHF
Rare Soldino of Michele Morosini, 1 year Dux of Venice
ITALY. Venezia (Venice). Michele Morosini, 1382. Soldino (Silver, 17 mm, 0.50 g, 11 h), 61st Doge. +MICHL• MA-VROC• DVX Doge kneeling left, holding banner; to right F, to left, star. Rev. +•S• MARCVS: VENETI: Lion of S. Marco left. CNI VII, 4. Biaggi 2851. Gamberini 127. Paolucci 3. Extremely rare, well struck with sharp areas; good silver. Flan fault at 12h, otherwise, virtually as struck.
Hammer Price: 220 CHF
Starting Price: 100 CHF
BULGARIA. Second Empire. Georgi Terter I, 1280–1292. Groš (Silver, 21 mm, 1.45 g, 6 h), Imitating a grosso of Giovanni Dandolo (1280-1289), uncertain mint. IC XC Christ Pantokrator enthroned facing. Rev. S M VENETI D DΛNDVL Dux and St. Mark standing facing, holding banner of Venice between them. Raduchev & Zhekov Type 1.17.1. Youroukova & Penchev 160. Very rare, toned example. Slightly wavy flan, otherwise, good extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 420 CHF
Starting Price: 50 CHF
KINGDOM OF HUNGARY AND CROATIA. Banovina of Slavonia, uncertain Ban. Banovac (Silver, 14 mm, 0.73 g, 2 h), struck in the name of Ladislaus IV of Hungary, Zagreb, 1272-1290. +MORETA REGIS P SCLAVORIA Marten advancing left; above and below, star. Rev. Patriarchal cross; star and crescent across upper field, barred R-L across middle field, and small R, above crowned heads facing one another across lower field; pellets behind each neck. Scarce variety. Very fine.
Hammer Price: 40 CHF
Starting Price: 40 CHF