obolos 7
9 July 2017
GREEK AND ROMAN. Lot of 2 Eastern Celtic billon staters, 4 Greek AE's, 2 Roman Republican silver denarii, 1 Roman Imperial anonymous bronze quadrans with owl on reverse and 1 plated Nerva denarius for a total of 10 coins. Fine and better. LOT SOLD AS IS, NO RETURNS. 10 coins in lot.
Hammer Price: 110 CHF
Starting Price: 100 CHF
ROMAN. Provincial. A lot of 2 extremely interesting and very rare Macedonian roman provincial bronzes. Includes: Stobi (2) Caracalla, 198-217. SNG Cop. 334 SNG ANS 739. Same dies as CNG eauction 133 (2006) lot 178; Julia Domna. Augusta, AD 193-217. Josifovski 150 var. Varbanov 3870 var; Koinon of Macedon. Diadumenian, as Caesar, 217-218 AD. Varbanov III 3078- 3079 var. Very Fine or better LOT SOLD AS IS, NO RETURNS. 3 coins in lot.
Hammer Price: 175 CHF
Starting Price: 175 CHF
ROMAN. Imperial. A very interesting lot of 7 exceptional AR Antoniniani of Caracalla and Julia Domna and Elagabalus containing different types. Includes: (5) AR Antoniniani of Caracalla: RIC 263e Rome 215 AD; RIC 281a. Rome 216 AD; RIC 275c Rome 216 AD; RIC IV 293f, Rome, 217 AD; (2) AR Antoniniani of Julia Domna: RIC IV 388a (Caracalla) Rome 216 AD. (1) AR Antoninianus of Elagabalus, RIC 155a. Lustrous and attractive. Very fine or better condition. LOT SOLD AS IS, NO RETURNS. 7 coins in lot.
Hammer Price: 320 CHF
Starting Price: 230 CHF
ROMAN. A lot of 3 exceptional silvered Antoniniani of Probus from different mints. Includes: Serdica mint, RIC 877; Siscia mint, RIC 818; Ticinum mint RIC 491. About Extremely fine. LOT SOLD AS IS, NO RETURNS. 3 coins in lot.
Hammer Price: No Bids
Starting Price: 140 CHF