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25 October 2011
Zunfthaus zur Saffran, Zürich
Austria. Ferdinand I. 1521-1558-1564. Medal (Silver, 57mm, 69.3 g 12), Struck to commemorate the 20th birthdays of Ferdinand and Anna, unsigned and by an unknown German master, 1523. FERD:ARCH:AVSTR:ET ANNE HVG:REG.CONIVG//EFFIGIES AETA:VTRIVSQVE.ANNO.XX//M.D - XX/III Jugate three-quarter busts of Ferdinand and Anne of Hungary to left, both wearing elaborate robes and simple hair wreaths Rev. Order of the Golden Fleece surrounding the entwined initials F and A; below, to left and right of the Golden Fleece, and incised into the surface at a later date, the letters F - E (= Frédéric Engel, see below). Domanig 72. Mueller-Lebanon 69 (this piece). An original cast silver example, with an old ring mount of thick, twisted silver wire and a contemporary suspension ring; all with remains of contemporary gilding. A remarkably fine piece, with carefully stippled surfaces done after the casting process was completed. Good very fine.
Hammer Price: 16000 CHF
Estimate: 15000 CHF
Italy, Milan (?). Charles V. 1519-1556. Medal (Silver, 97.4mm, 311 g 12), a very large cast and chased silver medal of Milanese style. Possibly by Leoni but this is debated, c. 1551-1556. .IMP.CAES.CAROLVS.V.AVG. Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust of Charles V to right, with his cloak fastened at his breast with a brooch in the form of a winged cherub, and wearing the Order of the Golden Fleece hanging from a cord around his neck. Rev. .PHILIPVS.AVSTR.CAROLI.V.CAES.F. Philip II, wearing armor and holding a marshal’s baton in his right hand, riding right on a horse, which has his tail tied in a loop and plumes on his head, prancing to right. Attwood 1182 (a uniface bronze example of the obverse). Bernhart 178 (bronze). Molinari 322 (lead). Oppenheimer, Christie’s 1936, 191 (gilt bronze = MMA 60.55.54, a later cast). Scher, Currency of Fame, 156 (bronze). Of great rarity, probably the only known example in silver. Nicely toned. With considerable after casting work: the fields are smoothed, the areas around the lettering stippled, and all the design has been strengthened; very minor bangs and, on the edge, possible traces of having been inset into a holder, otherwise, extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 45000 CHF
Estimate: 30000 CHF
Italy, Florence. Cosimo I de’ Medici. 1537-1574. Medal (Bronze, 40mm, 35.08 g 6), on the construction of the Palace of the Uffizi. By Domenico Poggini, 1561. COSMVS MED.FLOREN.ET SENAR.DVX II. Bust of Cosimo I to right, bare headed, bearded, wearing armor and cloak; beneath truncation, 1561. Rev. PVBLICAE COMMODITATI Aequitas standing facing, her head to left, holding scales and cornucopiae; behind her, views of the Palazzo degli Uffizi, the Loggia della Signoria, and the Palazzo Vecchio. Attwood 812. Rare. Lovely olive green patina, with some remaining incrustations on the surface as found. Some minor scratches from cleaning, otherwise, extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 2600 CHF
Estimate: 1500 CHF
Italy, Rome. Medal (Bronze, 35mm, 25.30 g 12), on Federico Cesi (1500-1565), Cardinal from 1544; by Gianfederico Bonzagna (1507-1588), who worked at Rome from the 1550s through the 1570s, 1561. FEDERICVS.EPS.PRENESTIN.S.R.E.CARDIN.CAESIVS Bearded and tonsured bust of Cardinal Cesi to left, wearing hooded cassock. Rev. DIVE.CATHERINE.TEMPLVM.ANNO.CHRISTI / MDLXI Facade of the church of S. Caterina dei Funari in Rome. Attwood 959. Struck in high relief and especially nice. Very attractive light brown patina. Extremely fine.
Current Bid: No Bids
Estimate: 2000 CHF
Germany, Lübeck. Undated, but c. 1619-1630. Triple Schautaler (Silver, 60.5mm, 87.52 g 12), under the direction of mintmaster H. von der Klähren (his symbol is the sun on the obverse and reverse). DER IESUS HILFERT ALLEIN AUS NODT MOSES DU ZEGEST NUR FLUCH U DOT Naked man seated praying before a tree; to left, Moses with the tablets of the Law, body in coffin and Adam and Eve; to right, John the Baptist pointing to Christ on the Cross, St. George and the Dragon, Angel preaching to shepherds, and another angel above in rays. Rev. AM CREUTZ EIN FLUCH ICH WORDEN BIN. MEIN AUFFERSTUNG DEIN GEWIN Scene of the Crucifixion with soldiers below. Behrens 732 c. Goppel 1132. Extremely rare. Nicely toned. About extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 3600 CHF
Estimate: 4000 CHF
FRANCE. Marie de’Medici, Queen consort of France, 1600-1610. Medal (Silver, 53.7 mm, 65.82 g, 12 h), by Guillaume Dupré, undated but circa 1625. MARIA AVG.GALL.ET NAVAR.REGINA (retrograde) Bust of Marie to right, wearing tiara, earring, pearl necklace, pendant cross, and an elaborate ruff attached to robes of lace; below shoulder truncation, G.DVPRE.F. Rev. LAETA DEVM PARTV (happy in the birth of the gods) Marie, as Kybele, standing facing amongst her children, all in classical dress; from left to right, Louis XIII (as Jupiter with his eagle), Henrietta Maria (as Amphritite with a dolphin), Christine (as Diana in hunting dress), Elizabeth (as Juno with her peacock) and Gaston (as Hercules with his club). BNF royale 389. Jones 61. An original cast of very high quality, toned and most attractive. Nearly extremely fine.
Current Bid: No Bids
Estimate: 5000 CHF
Denmark. Frederik III. 1648-1670. Double Ducat in a contemporary gold circular mount with a suspension chain, two pearl pendants and a probably later (18th century?) silver gilt cross (Gold, 31mm, 12.24 g 9), a so-called Guinea Ducat, made from gold brought back from western Africa by the Danish fleet, and struck from dies cut by Johann Blum of Bremen, Copenhagen, 1658. FRIDERICUS:III:D:G:DANIÆ:NORWEGIÆ Crowned, draped and cuirassed bust of Frederik III to right. Rev. VANDALOR:GOTHOR:Q:REX Sailing ship on the waves of the sea to left between tan dem “at last”; in exergue, 16 58 and a mint mark of a pick. Friedberg 112. Hede 28A. KM 216.1. Very rare, only 100 of these double ducats were struck, all from ‘Guinea’ gold. Soldering marks from having been turned into a pendant, and with polished fields, otherwise, from the point of actual wear, about extremely fine.
Current Bid: No Bids
Estimate: 7500 CHF
Italy, Grand Duchy of Tuscany. Cosimo III de Medici. 1670-1723. Medal (Bronze, 48mm, 41.78 g 12), by G. F. Travani (fl. 1634-1675), 1666. COSMVS III PRINC AETRVR Armored and draped bust of Cosimo III to left; on truncation, 1666; below, .I.F.T Rev. CERTA FVLGENT SIDERA (= the stars shine certain, ex Horace, Odes II-xvi) Ship sailing on calm sea to right; above sun with the astrological sign for Jupiter; at the bottom of the waves below the ship, TRAVANVS. Forrer, BDM VI, 130. Sharply struck and most attractive. Attractively toned. Minor die break on the obverse, otherwise, good extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 1200 CHF
Estimate: 1500 CHF
Germany, Augsburg (City). 1670. Medal (Silver, 56 x 48 mm, 38.71 g 12), oval Ratsmedaille, on the council held in May 1670, by an unknown engraver, perhaps a member of the Fesenmaier family. View of the fortified city of Augsburg with its many churches; above, two winged genii hold the Stadtpyr (an ornamental version of the pine cone of the pinus cembra = a Zirbelkiefer or Swiss pine, which was the city’s symbol); below, SAC CAESAR / MAI:À.CON / SILIS.II.VI / RIS.PR.AV / GVSTANIS. on cartouche between the shields of the joint Stadtpflegers - Mayors of Augsburg, David von Stetten (1653-1675) and O. Langenmantel (1664-1688). Rev. MEMORIAE ANNI CHRISTIANI MDCLXX AVGVSTA VINDELICORVM Shields of five members of parliament: Uhlstatt, Amman, Rehm, Fesenmaier (he was a goldsmith from a family of goldsmiths) and Rehlinger; and four financial officials: Imhof, Stetten, Imhof and Hamann; all within an oval wreath of palm branches. Erlanger Collection 1776. Forster 50. Rare. Nicely toned and particularly attractive. Minor edge fault on the right, otherwise, extremely fine.
Current Bid: No Bids
Estimate: 3000 CHF
FRANCE. Louis XIV . 1643–1715. Medal (Bronze, 55mm, 58 g 12), on the French capture of Maastricht in 1673. LVDOVICVS.XIIII.D.G.FR.ET.NAV.REX Draped bust of Louis XIV to right. Rev. QVAS.CONDIDIT.ERVIT.ARCES / 1673 Neptune destroying the walls of Troy. Van Loon III, p. 112, II. Nicely toned and attractive. A few minor edge bumps, otherwise, extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 600 CHF
Estimate: 750 CHF
GERMANY. Munich. Elizabeth Feuge, soprano, 1925. Medal (Gold, 49 mm, 26.24 g), an original, uniface electrotype, by Joseph Bernhart. ELISABETH.FEVGE.MEISTERSINGER - EVCHEN.MVENCHEN Bust of Elisabeth to left, in medieval costume as Eva in the Meistersinger; to left, monogram of the engraver. Rev. Plain, with the concave impression of the obverse. Niggl 632 (but only listed in silver). A lovely example of a modern medal made in the style of the great 16th century German masters. Virtually as struck.
Hammer Price: 1800 CHF
Estimate: 1500 CHF