nomos 3
10 May 2011
Zunfthaus zur Saffran, Zürich
MEROVINGIANS, Teodericia. c. 585-675. Tremissis (Gold, 1.15 g 3), Trizay-sur-le-Lay. + TEODERICIA Diademed and armored bust to right. Rev. + TEODIRICO MO Simple cross with triangle in each quarter. Belfort 4302 var. Depeyrot Or III, 1 var. Prou 2358 var. Extremely rare. Unusually legible and well struck. About extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 12000 CHF
Estimate: 15000 CHF
MEROVINGIANS. c. mid 7th century. Tremissis (Gold, 1.27 g 6), Uncertain mint. Brucumateo. BRVCVMATEO Bearded figure standing right, raising arm. Rev. Cross, with pellet at the end of each arm, atop a pedestal or fenced enclosure; above, lozenge in each quarter; below, R to left and inverted Δ to right. Apparently unpublished and unknown. A fascinating piece, apparently unique. .
Current Bid: No Bids
Estimate: 15000 CHF
MEROVINGIANS, Poitiers, St. Hilaire (?). Late 7th century. Denier (Silver, 1.23 g 9), Mar..rus. MAR..RVS Diademed and armored bust to right, in Roman style. Rev. Stylized church formed by cross atop a triangular-shaped stand set on a cursive M. Cf. Depeyrot AG 51 (Poitiers) and 3-4 (Saint-Hilaire). Cf. Prou 2218. Extremely rare. Beautifully toned and unusually well-preserved. Good extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 8500 CHF
Estimate: 10000 CHF