nomos 3
10 May 2011
Zunfthaus zur Saffran, Zürich
Lucius Caesius. 112-111 BC. Denarius (Silver, 3.93 g 1), Rome. Bust of Apollo seen from behind to left, wearing a taenia and with a cloak over his left shoulder, hurling a thunderbolt with his right hand; to right, monogram of AP. Rev. L.CÆSI The Lares Praestites seated facing, turned slightly to right, each on a stool and each holding a long staff; between them, dog standing right; to left and right, monograms of LA and PRE; above, between them, bust of Vulcan to left, wearing his cap and with tongs behind him to right. Babelon (Caesia) 1. Crawford 298/1. Sydenham 564. A superb piece, beautifully struck in high relief, the finest example of this type known. Virtually as struck.
Hammer Price: 13000 CHF
Estimate: 12500 CHF
L. Marcius Philippus, 57 BC. Denarius (Silver, 4.15 g 2). ANCVS Diademed head of Ancus Marcius to right; behind, lituus. Rev. PHILIPPVS Aqueduct, on which is a statue of Q. Marcius Rex on a horse rearing to right with a plant below; in the five arches of the aqueduct, A Q V A MAR. Babelon (Marcia) 28. Crawford 425/1. Sydenham 919. A bright well-centered and well-preserved example of this well-known denarius. Good extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 740 CHF
Estimate: 600 CHF
C. Memmius C.f. 56 BC. Denarius (Silver, 3.97 g 12). C.MEMMI.C.F Head of Ceres to right, wearing wreath of grain ears and earring. Rev. C.MEMMIVS / IMPERATOR Trophy of arms with, at its base, captive kneeling to right, his hands tied behind his back. Babelon (Memmia) 10. Crawford 427/1. Sydenham 920. An attractive, nicely toned and well-centered coin struck on a broad flan. Good extremely fine.
Current Bid: No Bids
Estimate: 2000 CHF
Q. Pomponius Musa. 56 BC. Denarius (Silver, 3.80 g 4). Laureate head of Apollo to right; behind, sandal. Rev. Q.POMPONI MVSA Thalia standing left, holding comic mask in her right hand and resting her left elbo on a column behind her. Babelon (Pomponia) 19. Crawford 410/9b. Sydenham 821. A nice, clear example, lightly toned. Nearly extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 850 CHF
Estimate: 1000 CHF
C. Coelius Caldus. 53 BC. Denarius (Silver, 3.95 g 5). C COEL CALDVS / COS Head of C. Coelius Caldus (Cos 94 BC); behind, tablet inscribed L.D. Rev. CALDVS.III VIR Radiate head of Sol to right; behind, S and oval shield with thunderbolt; before, round Macedonian shield. Crawford 437/1a. Sydenham 892. Nicely toned and with a fine portrait. Extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 2200 CHF
Estimate: 750 CHF
L. Hostilius Saserna. 48 BC. Denarius (Silver, 3.68 g 10). Bearded male head to right, his hair straggling out behind him; cloak around neck and Gallic shield behind. Rev. L.HOSTILIVS / SASERN Nude Gallic warrior, holding shield with his left hand and hurling spear with his right, standing left in a galloping biga being driven to right by a seated charioteer holding a whip. Babelon (Hostilia) 2. Crawford 448/2a; CRI 18; Sydenham 952. An interesting and historical coin, very well centered. Some slight porosity, otherwise, about extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 2500 CHF
Estimate: 2000 CHF
L. Valerius Acisculus. 45 BC. Denarius (Silver, 3.83 g 2), Rome. ACISCVLVS Diademed head of Apollo Soranus to right; above forehead, star; to left, acisculus (double-headed pick). Rev. L.VALERIVS Europa, holding veil swirling above her with both hands, seated on bull walking to right. Babelon (Valeria) 17. Crawford 474/1a. CRI 90. Sydenham 998. A bright and unusually well-struck example. Extremely fine.
Hammer Price: -1 CHF
Estimate: 1200 CHF
Mark Antony and Octavian. Denarius (Silver, 3.75 g, 12 h), Mint moving with Antony, Spring-early summer 41 BC. M.ANT.IMP.AVG.III.VIR.R.P.C.M.BARBAT.Q.P Bare head of Antony to right. Rev. CAESAR.IMP.PONT.III.VIR.R.P.C. Bare head of Octavian to right. Crawford 517/2. CRI 243. Sydenham 1181. Bright and clear with good portraits. Extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 3200 CHF
Estimate: 2500 CHF
Cn. Domitius L.f. Ahenobarbus. 41 BC. Denarius (Silver, 3.84 g 12), Uncertain mint moving with Ahenobarbus. AHENOBAR Slighlty bearded male head to right. Rev. CN [DOMITI]VS IMP Trophy on prow to right. Babelon (Domitia) 12. Crawford 519/2. CRI 339. Sydenham 1177. Slightly flat struck, but with an excellent portrait and lightly toned. Nearly extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 2300 CHF
Estimate: 2500 CHF
Mark Antony. Denarius (Silver, 3.86 g 1), with M. Junius Silanus, mint moving with Antony, probably Athens, 32 BC. ANTON AVG IMP III COS DES III III [V R P C] Bare head of Antony to right. Rev. M.SILANVS.AVG / Q.PRO.COS in two lines across the field Babelon (Antonia) 97, (Junia) 172. Crawford 542/1. CRI 346. Sydenham 1208. An atrractive, bright coin with a fine portrait. Nearly extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 2200 CHF
Estimate: 2000 CHF