nomos 22
22 June 2021 16:00 CET
Zunfthaus zur Saffran, Zurich
Lot 413
BYZANTINE SEALS. Agalias, Imperial spatharokandidatos and protovestes, Circa 9th century. Seal or Bulla (Lead, 43 mm, 28.60 g, 12 h). Cruciform invocative monogram reading: Κύριε βοήθει τῷ/σῷ - δού/λῳ. Rev. +AΓAΛ/IΑ Β'CΠΑΘΑΡ/ΟΚΑΝΔΗΔ' Κ'A'/ ΒΕCΤ' ΤΟΥ ΦΗ/ΛΟ ΧΡ ΔΕCΠ/ΟΤ' in six lines within plain border. Apparently unpublished. Clear, struck on a very broad flan and with a tan patina. Good very fine.
Hammer Price: 170 CHF
Estimate: 150 CHF
Lot 419
Abul Gharib Arsruni (Apnelgaripes), magistros of Tarsos, 1042-1080. Seal or Bulla (Lead, 30 mm, 17.89 g, 12 h), Tarsos. Ο / Г/Є/Ω/P - ГI/O/S St. George, nimbate and in military dress, standing facing, holding spear with his raised right hand and resting his left on his shield, set on the ground at his side. Rev. -+-/ +KE BOH/ΘΕΙ ΤΩ CΩ/ ΔΟΥΛΩ ΑΠ/ΝΕΛΓΡΙΠΗ /ΜΓΙΤΡΩ in five lines. Cheynet 18. Seyrig 40. Spink, Zacos II, 1999, 117 = Zacos II 362. Made from the same boulloterion as the piece from the Hecht Collection, Triton XI, 2008, 1193. An intriguing seal made for an Armenian in Imperial service. Very fine.
Hammer Price: 480 CHF
Estimate: 600 CHF
Lot 422
Basil metropolitan of Keltzene, Circa 1071-1072. Seal or Bulla (Lead, 28 mm, 20.98 g, 11 h), a. +ΘΚΕ ΒΟΗΘ, ΤΩ CΩ ΔΟΥΛ/ MHP-ΘV The Virgin, robed, veiled and nimbate, standing facing, turned slightly to the left, holding the infant Christ on her right arm. Rev. -.-/BACIΛ/ ΕΛΑΧΙCTΩ/ ΜΡΟΠΟΛΙΤ,/ ΚEΛΤΖΗ/-ΝΗC- in six lines within dotted border. BZS.1947.2.51 (same reverse die) = DO Seals 4, 66.1. Laurent V/1 812. Beautifully preserved, sharply struck, well-centered and extremely attractive. The best known example. Minor scuffs, otherwise, good extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 3000 CHF
Estimate: 2000 CHF