nomos 20
10 July 2020 16:00 CEST
Zunfthaus zur Saffran, Zurich
Welcome, finally!, to Nomos 20. At the time of this was first written, in early March 2020, we were coming to the realisation that our auction was not going to take place on the 3rd of May: we never thought it would have to be put off to 10th of July!
Lot 396
4th - 6th Century. Wine amphora stamp (Bronze, 98 x 54 x 5 mm, 224.00 g), rectangular with a raised rim and a high, c. 30 mm, ring handle on the plain back, in the name of Iakob the Scribe/Notary. ΕΙΑ - ΚΟY / ΛΙΛ - ΕΒΑ (retrograde) Seven-branched Menorah between a shofar, on the right, and, on the left, a lulav (palm branch) and an etrog (yellow citron). For a bronze stamp with a Menorah from Sardis now in the British Museum, with the name of Leontios and with the Menorah between a bunch of grapes and a palm branch, inventory 1888, 0511. 3, see: Dalton 1901, 487 and Friedenberg 4; for a stamp with the name Sophronios and a Menorah, now in the Israel Museum, see Friedenberg 6; for similar stamps with Menorahs, more elaborately shown but lacking names, see: Friedenberg 1 = Christie's New York, 13 December 2013, 167 ($47,500, from the Steinhardt Collection), and both Friedenberg 2, in the Jewish Museum in New York, and the very similar Roma e 59, 11 July 2019, 595 (£8,000). With a dusty olive-green patina, very sharp and clear. Some minor encrustations, otherwise, as made.
Hammer Price: 20000 CHF
Estimate: 7500 CHF