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14 June 2015
Very rare and impressive medal of Louis XIV
Lot 543
France. Louis XIV, 1643-1715. Medal (Silver, 61mm, 98 g 12), on the capture of the Franche-Comté, by John Roettiers, 1674. LVDOVICVS.MAGNVS.REX.CHRISTIANISS. Bare headed, draped and cuirassed bust of Louis XIV to right, wearing aegis and with his armor decorated with fleurs-de-lis; below, monogram of JR. Rev. DE SEQVANIS.ITERVM / ADDITA.IMPERIO.GALLICO. / PROVINCIA. / M.DC.LXXIV. (=the Franche-Comté again conquered, an added province of the French Kingdom) Louis XIV riding in triumphal quadriga to right; below, shields bearing the arms of the conquered cities; in tiny letters, monogram of JR. Cf. van Loon III, p. 137, but a smaller version by Mauger. Very rare. An impressive medal, beautifully preserved. Lightly toned. Good extremely fine.
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A pair of fascinating geographical medals
Lot 544
GREAT BRITAIN. Medal (2) (White metal, 50mm, 32.48 and 35.54 g 12). (1) Map of the World, Eastern and Western Hemispheres. By T Halliday (?). Struck c. 1820, by T. Halliday (?). The Eastern Hemisphere, with Australia identified as ‘New Holland.’ Rev. The Western Hemisphere. BHM -. Eimer 1139b. Rev. Distance Medal, by J. Ottley, medallist, in Birmingham, c. 1893-1900. On the obverse, a table of the distances between London and 32 other English (no Welsh or Scotch) cites arranged in circular form; on the reverse: a table listing the distances between London and 13 popular bathing places; as well as the distances between London and, on the left, the English universities of Oxford and Cambridge, and, on the right, the Scotch universities of Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and St. Andrew's. BHM -. Eimer -. Spink Numismatic Circular II.10 (September 1893), p. 365, no. IV. cf. E-Sylum 15.3 (15 January 2012), article 13 (http://tinyurl.com/mkb3bcd [these medals cited]). A pair of fascinating geographical medals. Both lightly toned. Extremely fine.
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