nomos 19
17 November 2019
Zunfthaus zur Saffran, Zurich
CELTIC BRITAIN, Atrebates & Regni. Verica, 10-40. Stater (Gold, 17.5 mm, 5.30 g, 3 h), 'Warrior Rex' type. COM•F within shallow incuse tablet across field. Rev. VIR REX Warrior, with spear in his (or her?) upraised right hand, riding horse galloping to right; to left and below, lituus and crescent. ABC 1190. BMC 1146-58. Mack 121. Van Arsdell 500-1. Attractive, clear and toned. Reverse struck from a worn die, otherwise, extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 1600 CHF
Estimate: 750 CHF
CELTIC BRITAIN, Atrebates & Regni. Verica, 10-40. Quarter Stater (Gold, 12 mm, 1.36 g, 2 h), 'Stars' type. VERIC / COM•F with a crescent above and a six-rayed star below. Rev. REX Horse galloping to right; above, seven-rayed star. ABC 1208. BMC 1223-1236. S 127. Van Arsdell 501. Well-struck and complete, with full designs and attractive toning. Extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 1500 CHF
Estimate: 650 CHF
ANGLO-GALLIC. Henry VI, King of England and France, 1422-1461. Salut d’or (Gold, 26 mm, 3.55 g, 9 h), initial mark, fleur de lis; mullet stops on the reverse, St. Lô, second issue, from 6 September 1423. hENRICVS: DEI: GRA: FRACORV: Z: AGLIE: REX Standing figures of the Virgin Mary on the left, facing right, and the Angel Gabriel, on the right, facing left, behind shields of France and England; above, rays. Rev. XPC'⭐︎VINCIT⭐︎ XPC'⭐︎ REGNAT⭐︎ XPC'⭐︎ ImPERAT Latin cross; below cross bar, on the left, lis, and, on the right, lion passant guardant to left; below, h; all within tressure of ten arcs with a lis on each cusp. Ci. 598. Du. 443A. Elias 271. Laf. 447a. S. 8164. Schneider 118/9. Attractive, clear and sharp. Extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 2600 CHF
Estimate: 3250 CHF