nomos 19
17 November 2019
Zunfthaus zur Saffran, Zurich
Anonymous, circa 250-240 BC. Didrachm (Silver, 18 mm, 6.54 g, 6 h), Rome. Head of Roma or Diana to right, wearing Phrygian helmet; behind head, crescent to left. Rev. ROMANO Victory standing to right, attaching wreath to the top of a palm branch; to right, ΡΡ. Crawford 22/1. HN III, 295. Sydenham 21a. Rare. Clear and with an attractive old cabinet toning. Some scratches and marks, otherwise, very fine.
Hammer Price: 4000 CHF
Estimate: 3500 CHF
Anonymous, circa 225-214/212 BC. Quadrigatus (Silver, 24.5 mm, 6.67 g, 7 h), Rome. Laureate janiform head. Rev. Jupiter, holding scepter in his left hand and hurling his thunderbolt from his right, standing right in a quadriga, driven to the right by Victory who stands beside him; below, tablet inscribed with ROMA in incuse letters. Crawford 29/3. Sydenham 64A. A lovely, toned example of a refined and attractive style, well-struck on a broad flan. Extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 950 CHF
Estimate: 850 CHF
Anonymous, 211-208. 60 Asses (Gold, 15 mm, 3.36 g, 11 h), Rome. Helmeted head of Mars to right; below left, mark of value. Rev. ROMA Eagle, with spread wings, standing right on thunderbolt. Bahrfeldt 4a. BMCRR 185. Crawford 44/2. Sydenham 226. Clear and attractive, sharply struck from finely engraved dies: a splendid example. Extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 7500 CHF
Estimate: 3250 CHF
Q. Pompeius Rufus, 73 BC. Denarius (Silver, 18 mm, 3.91 g, 7 h), Rome. RVFVS S C Laureate head of Jupiter to right. Rev. Q.POMPONI Eagle, with spread wings, standing left, head turned back to right; his left on scepter and his right holding a wreath; below right foot, I; to right, bee. Babelon (Pomponia) 23. Crawford 398/1. Sydenham 793. Very rare. Nicely toned. Partially and lightly flat struck on Jupiter's face and the body of the eagle, otherwise, good very fine.
Hammer Price: 3400 CHF
Estimate: 3250 CHF
P. Galba, 69 BC. Denarius (Silver, 17.5 mm, 4.03 g, 3 h), Rome. S•C Veiled and draped bust of Vesta to right. Rev. AE - CVR / P.GALB Knife, culullus and axe. Babelon (Sulpicia) 7. Crawford 406/1. Sydenham 839. Attractively toned and with an obverse struck in high relief. Extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 420 CHF
Estimate: 350 CHF
C. Hosidius C.f. Geta, 64 BC. Denarius (Silver, 17 mm, 3.83 g, 5 h), Rome. GETA - III VIR Draped bust of Diana to right, with bow and quiver over her shoulder. Rev. C HOSIDI C F Boar advancing to right, wounded by spear and attacked by a hound to right. Babelon (Hosidia) 1. Crawford 407/2. Sydenham 903. Very attractively toned and very sharply struck. Extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 300 CHF
Estimate: 275 CHF
C. Considius Nonianus, 56 BC. Denarius (Silver, 19 mm, 3.89 g, 6 h), Rome. C•CONSIDI NONIANI / S•C Laureate, diademed and draped bust of Venus to right, wearing pearl necklace. Rev. Temple on rocky mountain surrounded by a wall with an open gate at its center; above gate, ERVC. Babelon (Considia) 1. Crawford 424/1. Sydenham 887. Nicely toned and well struck on a large flan. Reverse struck slightly off-center, otherwise, nearly extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 900 CHF
Estimate: 850 CHF
Q. Cassius Longinus, 55 BC. Denarius (Silver, 19 mm, 4.17 g, 6 h), Rome. Q• CASSIVS LIBERT Head of Libertas to right. Rev. The temple of Vesta; to left, urn; to right, tabella (voting tablet) inscribed AC (Absolvo Condemno). Babelon (Cassia) 8. Crawford 428/2. Sydenham 918. Nicely toned and very attractive. Extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 520 CHF
Estimate: 650 CHF
P. Fonteius P.f. Capito, 55 BC. Denarius (Silver, 18 mm, 3.86 g, 1 h), Rome. P • FONTEIVS • P • F • CAPITO • III • VIR Helmeted and draped bust of Mars to right, with trophy over his far shoulder. Rev. • FO • TR • MIL Cavalryman galloping to right, hurling spear at a warrior, kneeling to left below, about to attack a bound captive. Babelon (Fonteia) 1. Crawford 429/1. Sydenham 900. Attractively toned. Struck from a slightly worn reverse die. Extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 1100 CHF
Estimate: 1000 CHF
L. Cornelius Lentulus and C. Claudius Marcellus, April-June 49 BC. Denarius (Silver, 19 mm, 3.73 g, 11 h), Apollonia in Illyria. COS L• LENT • C • MARC Head of Apollo to right, with long hair. Rev. Jupiter, naked, standing facing, head to right, holding thunderbolt in extended right hand and in extended left, eagle right, head to left, with wings displayed; star of eight rays above Q to left, garlanded altar to right. Babelon, Cornelia 65. Crawford 445/2. Sydenham 1030. With a superb iridescent tone and a lovely underlying gold luster. Some striking flatness, otherwise, virtually as struck.
Hammer Price: 2600 CHF
Estimate: 2000 CHF
Cnaeus Pompeius Magnus (Pompey the Great). Denarius (Silver, 20 mm, 3.88 g, 7 h), Spain, Cn. Pompeius Magnus and M. Poblicius, 46-45 BC. M•POBLICI• LEG•PRO PR Helmeted head of Roma to right. Rev. CN•MAGNVS•I[MP] Hispania standing right, with round shield over her back, holding two spears with her left hand and offering palm frond to a Pompeian soldier, standing left on prow and placing his left hand on the hilt of his sword. Babelon (Pompeia) 9 and (Poblicia) 10. Crawford 469/1c. Sydenham 1035. An unusually attractive example, nicely toned. Reverse struck slightly off-center, otherwise, good very fine.
Hammer Price: 360 CHF
Estimate: 250 CHF
L. Cestius and C. Norbanus, May-August 43 BC. Aureus (Gold, 19.5 mm, 8.10 g, 1 h), emergency issue authorized by the Senate in Rome. Draped bust of Africa to right, wearing elephant's skin headdress. Rev. L • CESTIVS /EX S • C/ PR / C • NORBA Curule chair, with front legs ornamented with two flying eagles; on top of the chair, two confronted snakes. Bahrfedt 25 (same dies). Calicó 4. Crawford 491/1b. CRI 195a. RBW 1718. Sydenham 1154. Very rare. Well-struck, lightly toned and attractive. Very minor striking flatness on the reverse, otherwise, extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 11000 CHF
Estimate: 9500 CHF
The Republicans. C. Cassius Longinus and L. Cornelius Lentulus Spinther, 43-42 BC. Denarius (Silver, 17.5 mm, 3.99 g, 6 h), mint moving with the army of Brutus and Cassius, possibly struck in Smyrna. C•CASSI•IMP - LEIBERTAS Diademed and veiled head of Libertas to right, wearing earring and pearl necklace. Rev. LENTVLVS / SPINT Jug and lituus. Babelon (Cassia) 18, (Cornelia) 73. Crawford 500/5. CRI 223. Sydenham 1305. A splendid example, very attractively toned. Extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 750 CHF
Estimate: 750 CHF
The Republicans. Brutus, Late summer-autumn 42 BC. Denarius (Silver, 18 mm, 3.82 g, 1 h), military mint traveling with Brutus and Cassius in western Asia Minor or northern Greece, under the moneyer L. Plaetorius Cestianus. L•PLAET•CEST Laureate, veiled and draped bust of Ceres (?) to right, wearing polos. Rev. BRVTVS•IMP Sacrificial axe and simpulum within dotted circle. Babelon, Junia 51 & Plaetoria 12. Crawford 508/2. CRI 214. Sydenham 1300. Rare. Sharp well-centered and attractive, with fine, matte surfaces. Very minor marks, otherwise, extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 7000 CHF
Estimate: 3000 CHF
L. Staius Murcus, 42-41 BC. Denarius (Silver, 20 mm, 3.35 g, 1 h), mint traveling with Murcus in the area of the Ionian Sea. Bearded head of Neptune to right, trident over his far shoulder. Rev. MVRCVS IMP On the right, bareheaded soldier (Murcus?) standing left, clasping his right hand with the right hand of a female figure (Roma?), on the left, kneeling to right; behind them both, military trophy. Babelon (Statia) 1. Crawford 510/1. CRI 337. RBW 1782. Sydenham 1315. Extremely rare. Finely toned, an unusually well-struck example of a coin normally found both poorly made and badly preserved. Nearly extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 13000 CHF
Estimate: 14000 CHF
Mark Antony and Octavia, 39 BC. Cistophoric Tetradrachm (Silver, 26 mm, 10.71 g, 12 h), Ephesos. M ANTONIVS IMP•COS•DESIG•ITER ET•TERT Head of Antony to right, wearing ivy wreath; below, lituus. Rev. III•VIR• R•P•C• Small draped bust of Octavia to right above cista mystica; both flanked by interlaced serpents with erect heads. BMC 133. Cohen 2. CRI 262. RPC 2201. Very attractively toned and clear. Extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 5500 CHF
Estimate: 2500 CHF
Mark Antony and Octavia, 39 BC. Cistophoric Tetradrachm (Silver, 27 mm, 12.14 g, 12 h), Ephesos. M ANTONIVS IMP•COS•DESIG•ITER ET•TERT Head of Antony to right, wearing ivy wreath; below, lituus. Rev. III•VIR• R•P•C• Small draped bust of Octavia to right above cista mystica; both flanked by interlaced serpents with erect heads. BMC 133. Cohen 2. CRI 262. RPC 2201. A particularly attractive example, partially with original luster, nicely centered and with very attractive portraits. Some minor striking flatness, otherwise, extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 1400 CHF
Estimate: 1500 CHF
Sextus Pompey, 37-36 BC. Denarius (Silver, 18 mm, 3.82 g, 2 h), military mint in Sicily. MAG•PIVS•IMP[•ITER] Bare head of Pompeius Magnus to right; behind, jug; before, lituus. Rev. PRA[EF] / CLAS•ET•ORAE / MAR IT•EX•S•C Neptune standing left, holding aplustre in his hand and with his right foot on a prow; to left and right, one of the Catanaean brothers bearing his parent on his shoulders. Babelon (Pompeia) 27. Crawford 511/3a. CRI 334. Sydenham 1344. With a fine portrait and very attractively toned. Nearly extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 1000 CHF
Estimate: 650 CHF