obolos 19
8 May 2021
Lot 1141
ARMENIA, Cilician Armenia. Baronial. Roupen I, 1080-1095. Pogh (Bronze, 23 mm, 4.98 g). +ԱաԻԲԷՆ ('Roupen' in Armenian) around cross. Rev. Ծաոա այ ('servant of God' in Armenian) around cross. ACV 245. CCA 1. Green and brown patina. Good fine.
Hammer Price: 70 CHF
Starting Price: 50 CHF
Lot 1142
ARMENIA, Cilician Armenia. Baronial. Levon II, 1187-1198. Pogh (Bronze, 26 mm, 6.05 g, 6 h). Levon II on horseback to left. Rev. Cross pattée, with ends terminating in annulets and with a crescent in each angle. ACV 252. CCA 4 var. (banner held by Levon). Rare. Flat areas on both sides from incomplete striking, otherwise, very fine.
Hammer Price: 260 CHF
Starting Price: 75 CHF
Lot 1143
ARMENIA, Cilician Armenia. Royal. Levon I, 1198-1219. Tank (Bronze, 29 mm, 6.11 g, 8 h), Sis. Armenian legend around crowned leonine head facing slightly to right; six pellets in crown. Rev. Armenian legend around patriarchal cross, star on either side. AC 303. Attractive coppery-brown surfaces and well-struck. Good very fine.
Hammer Price: 85 CHF
Starting Price: 50 CHF
Lot 1144
ARMENIA, Cilician Armenia. Royal. Hetoum I, 1226-1270. Tram (Silver, 20.5 mm, 2.94 g, 11 h), Sis. Zabel and Hetoum standing facing, holding between them long cross with two banners between; pellet on shaft. Rev. Crowned lion right; long cross behind; letter in right field. Cf. AC 334 (for basic type). Very fine.
Hammer Price: 90 CHF
Starting Price: 50 CHF
Lot 1145
ARMENIA, Cilician Armenia. Royal. Levon II, 1270-1289. Tram (Silver, 20.5 mm, 2.57 g, 6 h), Sis. King on horseback to right, holding reins in left hand and cross in right. Rev. Crowned lion walking left, raising right forepaw; behind, cross. AC 371. Good very fine.
Hammer Price: 55 CHF
Starting Price: 50 CHF
Lot 1147
ITALY. Venice. Michele Steno, 1400-1413. Ducato (Gold, 20.5 mm, 3.47 g, 12 h), 63rd Dux. · S · M · VENETI D/V/X MIChAEL STEN' St. Mark standing right, presenting banner to Doge kneeling left. Rev. · SIT · T · XPE · DAT'· Q,· TV RЄGIS · ISTE DVCAT'· Christ the Redeemer standing facing within mandorla with nine stars, raising right hand in benediction and holding Gospels in left. Friedberg 1230. Paolucci 1. Papadopoli 1. Well centered. Very fine.
Hammer Price: 340 CHF
Starting Price: 125 CHF