nomos 18
5 May 2019
Zunfthaus zur Saffran, Zurich
PAMPHYLIA. Attaleia. Pseudo-autonomous, 1st century AD. Hemiassarion (Bronze, 15.5 mm, 2.25 g, 7 h). Draped bust of Poseidon to left, holding trident entwined with a dolphin. Rev. ATTA-ΛEΩN Nike advancing to right, holding wreath and palm frond. SNG France 233 (2nd-1st c. BC). A surprisingly attractive coin, with a sharp, very well-made portrait of Poseidon and a dark green patina. About extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 170 CHF
Estimate: 150 CHF
SYRIA, Seleucis and Pieria. Antioch. Q. Caecilius Bassus, Proconsul, 46-43 BC. Tetradrachm (Silver, 26 mm, 15.66 g, 2 h), Caesarian Era year Δ = 4 = 46/5. Diademed head of Philip Philadelphos to right; fillet border. Rev. ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΦΙΛΙΠΠΟΥ / ΕΠΙΦΑΝΟΥΣ ΦΙΛΑΔΕΛΦΟΥ Zeus seated left on high-backed throne, holding Nike on his outstretched right hand and long scepter with his right; in inner field to left, monogram of ΑΝΤΙΥ; under throne, monogram of ΛΙ; in exergue, Δ (= year 4). McAlee 5. Prieur 5. RPC 4128. Clear and toned. About extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 280 CHF
Estimate: 250 CHF
PHOENICIA. Sidon. Time of Claudius, 41-54. Chalkous (Bronze, 13 mm, 2.38 g), year 155 = 44/5. ΣΙ - ΔΩΝ Astarte, holding an aphlaston in her extended right hand and a long scepter with a triangular head (or a parasol?) in her left, standing left on a galley prow. Rev. B/­­—/Ϛ // ΕΝΡ Eagle with closed wings standing to left. BMC 169-170. RPC 4603. Very rare. Very sharply struck in high relief, and with a fine black patina. Extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 1000 CHF
Estimate: 250 CHF
Second known
PHRYGIA. Acmoneia. Gaius (Caligula), 37-41. (Bronze, 17 mm, 4.18 g, 12 h), Krates (perhaps the same as the Krates Menokritou who was a magistrate under Augustus, but more likely a grandson). Laureate head of Caligula to right. Rev. KPATHΣ AKMONEΩN Artemis advancing right, holding bow in her left hand and drawing an arrow from her quiver with her right; before her to right, unicorn (!). RPC S3-1-3168A (Gaius Caesar) = CNG e-auction 195 (2008), 154 (Caligula). A great rarity in the series, the second example known. With a fine, high-relief portrait and an attractive dark patina. Good very fine.
Hammer Price: 320 CHF
Estimate: 250 CHF
AEOLIS. Kyme. Nero, 54-68. Assarion (Bronze, 17 mm, 6.51 g, 12 h), circa 54-59. ΘΕΟΝ [ΝΕΡΩΝΑ] CΕΒΑΣΤΟΝ Laureate head of Nero to right. Rev. ΚΥΜΗ ΑΙΟΛΙC The nymph Cyme standing facing, her head to left, holding a globe in her right hand and a trident with her left. BMC 128-129. RPC 2433. SNG Copenhagen 139-140. An attractive piece with a dark green patina. Some minor flatness, otherwise, about extremely fine.
Hammer Price: Unsold
Estimate: 225 CHF
CAPPADOCIA. Caesaraea-Eusebia. Nero with Divus Claudius, 54-68. Didrachm (Silver, 20 mm, 7.51 g, 12 h), c. 63-65. NERO CLAVD DIV[I CLAVD F CA]ESAR AVG GERMA Laureate head of Nero to right. Rev. DIVOS CLAVD AVGVST GERMANIC PATER AVG Laureate head of Claudius to right. RIC² 619-20. RPC I 3647. Sydenham, Caesarea, 66. Sharp, lightly toned and most attractive. Extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 1000 CHF
Estimate: 850 CHF
SYRIA, Seleucis and Pieria. Antioch. Nero, 54-68. Tetradrachm (Silver, 24 mm, 15.03 g, 12 h), years 111 and 9 = 62/63. NEPΩN KAIΣAP ΣEBAΣTOΣ Laureate bust of Nero to right, wearing aegis. Rev. ETOVΣ AIP Θ Eagle standing right on thunderbolt, with wings spread; pellet and palm frond to right. BMC 195. Prieur 85. RPC 4185. Well struck, beautifully toned and unusually attractive. Some minor uncleaned deposits on the reverse, otherwise, extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 600 CHF
Estimate: 500 CHF
CILICIA. Flaviopolis-Flavias. Domitian, 81-96. (Bronze, 23 mm, 8.84 g, 12 h), year 17 (ZI) = 89/90. ΔOMETIANOC KAICAΡ Laureate head of Domitian to right. Rev. ETOYC ZI ΦΛAYIOΠOΛEITΩN Veiled Tyche of Flaviopolis seated to right on throne, holding two ears of corn in her right hand; at her feet to right, half-length figure of the river god Pyramus swimming to right. BMC 2. RPC II 1758. SNG France 2167-70. SNG Levante 1530. SNG von Aulock 8670. An attractive piece with a dark, blackish-green patina overlaid by some earthen deposits as found. Nearly extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 200 CHF
Estimate: 250 CHF
CILICIA. Anazarbus. Domitian, 81-96. Diassarion (Bronze, 27 mm, 11.51 g, 12 h), year 113 = 94/5. AVΤΟ KAI ΘΕ ΥΙΟΣ DOMITIANOΣ ΣΕ ΓΕP Laureate head of Domitian to right; all within fillet border. Rev. ΚΑΙΣΑΡΕΩΝ ΠΡ ΑΝΑΖΑΡΒΩ // ΕΤΟΥΣ/ΙΓΡ Turreted and veiled head of Tyche to right; all within a border of dots. BMC 7. RPC 1754. SNG France 2018. SNG von Aulock 5474. Attractively struck on a broad flan and with a fine green patina. Extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 550 CHF
Estimate: 400 CHF
LESBOS. Mytilene. Antinous, circa 134. Hemiassarion (Bronze, 15 mm, 2.48 g, 6 h), struck posthumously under Hadrian. ΗΡΩC ΑΝΤΙΝΟΟ - C Bare head of Antinous to right. Rev. ΜΥΤΙΛ-ΗΝΑΙΩΝ Bull standing to right. RPC 1694. SNG von Aulock 1753. Very rare. Rough olive-green patina. Nearly very fine.
Hammer Price: 1700 CHF
Estimate: 450 CHF
PHRYGIA. Synnada. Marcus Aurelius Caesar, 139-161. Assarion (Bronze, 21 mm, 5.37 g, 6 h), c. 147-161. Μ ΑVΡΗΛΙΟ-C ΟVΗΡΟC ΚΑΙ Bare head of Marcus Aurelius to right, with short beard. Rev. CVΝΝΑΔΕΩΝ Helmeted and draped cult statue of Athena to right, brandishing spear held in her upraised right hand and holding her shield by her side with her left. BMC 45. KM 295, 18. RPC 2210 (temp.).Waddington 6541. With a dark patina, a good portrait and an unusual representation of Athena. About extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 260 CHF
Estimate: 250 CHF
CILICIA. Hierapolis-Castabala. Faustina II, 147-175. Triassarion (Bronze, 27 mm, 9.79 g, 6 h), struck under Antoninus Pius or Marcus Aurelius. ΦAYCTEINA CEBACTH Draped bust of Faustina to right, as Selene, with a crescent on her forehead. Rev. IEPOΠOΛITΩN Helios, radiate and partially draped, standing facing, three-quarters to left, raising his right hand and holding a whip in his left; at his feet to left, flaming torch. BMC 8-9. Lindgren III, 840. RPC online 4976. SNG Levante, 1586. SNG France 2233. Very rare. With an attractive dark green patina and a fine portrait. Uncleaned and with some minor faults, otherwise, good very fine.
Hammer Price: 300 CHF
Estimate: 350 CHF
CILICIA. Irenopolis-Neronias. Caracalla, 198-217. (Bronze, 20 mm, 11.59 g, 6 h), ΑΞΡ = 161 = 212/213. [ΑVΤ] ΑΝΤωΝΙΝ-Ο-C Laureate head of Caracalla to right. Rev. ΙΡΗΝΟΠΟΛΙΤωΝ-ΑΞΡ bare bust of Herakles to right, wearing taenia and with a full beard, and with a club over his far shoulder. SNG von Aulock 5592 (same dies). An attractive coin, sharply struck with a dark green patina. Obverse slightly off center, otherwise, extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 220 CHF
Estimate: 250 CHF
CILICIA. Isaura. Caracalla, 198-217. Diassarion (Bronze, 24 mm, 9.04 g, 7 h), c. 205-208. AV K M AV ANTΩNЄINOC Laureate and cuirassed bust of Caracalla to right, with sideburns but no beard, drapery over his far shoulder and aegis on his cuirass. Rev. MHTPOΠOΛЄΩC ICAVPΩN Tetrastyle temple with arched pediment, and, within the center intercolumniation, low column topped with a bust of Herakles to right. SNG France 496 (obverse die) and 498 (reverse die). A splendid coin with a dark black/green patina and an elegant portrait of the young Caracalla. The obverse slightly double-struck, otherwise, good extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 950 CHF
Estimate: 450 CHF
SYRIA, DECAPOLIS. Gadara. Caracalla, 198-217. Tetradrachm (Silver, 24 mm, 12.30 g, 6 h), 215-217. ΑΥΤ ΚΑΙ ΑΝ-ΤωΝΙΝΟC C-Ε-Β Radiate head of Caracalla to right. Rev. Δ-ΗΜΑΡ-Χ ΕΞΥΠΑ・ΤΟ・Δ Eagle with spread wings standing facing, head turned to left with wreath in its beak; between eagle's legs, wreath containing the Three Graces. Prieur 1592. Rare. Clear and well-centered. About extremely fine.
Hammer Price: Unsold
Estimate: 500 CHF
CAPPADOCIA. Caesaraea-Eusebia. 238-244. Tridrachm (Silver, 26 mm, 8.26 g, 12 h), regnal year 3 = 239/40. ΑV Κ Μ ΑΝΤ ΓΟΡΔΙ[ΑΝΟC CΕΒ] Laureate and cuirassed bust of Gordian III to left, holding spear over his right shoulder with his right hand and with a shield, ornamented with Nike crowning the emperor, over his left shoulder. Rev. [ΜΗΤΡΟΠ]-ΚΑΙCΑΡΙΑC / Β/Ν/Ε / ΕΤΓ Two highly ornamental columns standing on bases; each column topped with a crown-like capital and with an aedicula containing a standing statue at its bottom; between them, at the level of the capitals, agalma of Mt. Argaeus; to left and right of each column, military standard; in field to left, countermark of a head of Tyche within a rectangular indent. For the obverse: see Gorny & Mosch 215, 2013, 966 and SNG von Aulock 6523; for the reverse: see Sydenham 599. For the countermark: Howgego 849. Extremely rare, perhaps unpublished. With an especially well-made portrait bust and a fascinating reverse. Struck slightly flat and off center, otherwise, about extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 3600 CHF
Estimate: 650 CHF