nomos 18
05 May 2019
Zunfthaus zur Saffran, Zurich
Lot 273
Anonymous, c. 225-214/212 BC. Quadrigatus (Silver, 20 mm, 6.79 g, 6 h), Rome. Laureate janiform head. Rev. Jupiter, holding scepter in his left hand and preparing to hurl his thunderbolt from his right, standing right in a quadriga, which is driven to the right by Victory who stands beside him; below, tablet inscribed with ROMA in incuse letters. Crawford 28/3. Sydenham 64. A lovely, toned example of a refined and attractive style. About extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 2400 CHF
Estimate: 2750 CHF
Lot 274
Pub. Sulla, 151 BC. Denarius (Silver, 17 mm, 4.03 g, 9 h), Rome. Helmeted head of Roma to right; behind, X (=value mark). Rev. ROMA (in relief on tablet) Victory driving biga to right; below horses, P.SVLA. Babelon (Cornelia) 1. Crawford 205/1. RBW 879. Sydenham 386. Well-struck, clear and lightly toned. Extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 440 CHF
Estimate: 375 CHF
Lot 275
P. Maenius Antiacus M.f, 132 BC. Denarius (Silver, 18 mm, 4.03 g, 10 h), Rome. Helmeted head of Roma to right; behind, XVI monogram. Rev. P.MAE ANT / ROMA Victory in quadriga galloping to right, holding reins and palm-branch in her left hand and wreath in her right. Babelon (Maenia) 7. Crawford 249/1. Sydenham 492. Bright and very attractive. Minor flan fault on the obverse, otherwise, virtually as struck.
Hammer Price: 500 CHF
Estimate: 400 CHF
Lot 276
M. Furius L.f. Philus, 120 BC. Denarius (Silver, 18 mm, 3.77 g, 9 h), Rome. M.FOVRI.L.F. Laureate and bearded head of Janus. Rev. ROMA / PHILI Roma standing left, holding scepter in her left hand and wreath in her right; to left, trophy of Gallic arms flanked by a carnyx and shield on each side; above, star. Babelon (Furia) 18. Crawford 281/1. Sydenham 529. Lightly toned and well-centered. About extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 550 CHF
Estimate: 350 CHF
Lot 277
Julius Caesar, 48-47 BC. Denarius (Silver, 19 mm, 3.95 g, 3 h), Military mint traveling with Caesar in Spain. Laureate female head (Clementia?) to right; ⊥II behind neck. Rev. CAE-SAR Gallic trophy, bearing armor, an oval shield and a wolf's head carnyx, with, at its base, a bearded Gallic captive seated to right on the ground with his hands tied behind his back, his chest bare, and with a torque around his neck. Crawford 452/4. CRI 12. Sydenham 1010. Very rare. Tiny banker's mark on the obverse, otherwise, good very fine.
Hammer Price: 26000 CHF
Estimate: 6750 CHF
Lot 278
Julius Caesar, 46 BC. Aureus (Gold, 21 mm, 8.03 g, 4 h), with Aulus Hirtius, as praefectus urbi, Rome. C.CAESAR COS TER Veiled female head to right (Pietas?). Rev. A.HIRTIVS.PR Lituus, jug and axe. Babelon (Hirtia) 1, (Julia) 22. BMCRR 4050. Calicó 36. Crawford 466/1. CRI 56. RBW 1636. Sydenham 1018. Clear and well-centered. Minor marks and an edge scuff at 5:30 on the reverse, otherwise, about extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 4000 CHF
Estimate: 3500 CHF
Lot 279
Julius Caesar, early March, 44 BC. Denarius (Silver, 17 mm, 3.68 g, 3 h), with L. Aemilius Buca, Rome. CAESAR.DICT- PERPETVO Head of Caesar wearing wreath to right. Rev. L.BVCA Fasces and winged caduceus in saltire; above, globe; below, axe; to left, two clasped hands. Alföldi XIII, 1 ff.XX (same dies). Babelon (Aemilia) 17, (Julia) 37. Crawford 480/6. CRI 103. Sydenham 1063. Nicely toned, well-centered and with a fine portrait. Extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 18000 CHF
Estimate: 22500 CHF
Lot 280
L. Livineius Regulus, 42 BC. Denarius (Silver, 17 mm, 4.00 g, 12 h), Rome. Bare head of Livineius Regulus to right. Rev. L.LIVINEIVS / REGVLVS Modius between two ears of grain. Babelon (Livineia) 13. Crawford 494/29. CRI 178. Sydenham 1111. Nicely toned and centered. Some minor scratches and a flan crack, otherwise, extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 500 CHF
Estimate: 450 CHF
Lot 281
C. Cassius Longinus, 42 BC. Aureus (Gold, 21 mm, 7.99 g, 12 h), with the legate M. Aquinus, uncertain military mint, perhaps Smyrna. M.AQVINVS.LEG.LIBER-TAS Diademed head of Libertas to right. Rev. CASSI IMP Tripod with lebes, fillets and laurel branches. Bahrfeldt 57. Calicó 64. Crawford 499/1. CRI 218. Sydenham 1303. Very rare. Attractively toned, sharply and well-struck from fresh dies. Digs and scuffs on both sides - perhaps spade marks, otherwise, good extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 16000 CHF
Estimate: 6500 CHF
Lot 282
Q. Caepio Brutus and L. Sestius Pro. Q., spring-early summer 42 BC. Quinarius (Silver, 13. mm, 1.82 g, 12 h), mint moving with Brutus in southwestern Asia Minor. L SESTI PRO Q Veiled and draped bust of Libertas to right. Rev. Q CAEPIO BRV[TVS] PRO COS Victory advancing right, holding palm frond with her left hand and wreath in her right. Babelon (Junia) 38 and (Sestia) 3. Cohen 12. Crawford 502/3. CRI 202. Sydenham 1291. Very rare. Struck slightly off center and with traces of corrosion, otherwise, about extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 950 CHF
Estimate: 600 CHF
Lot 283
Brutus. Quinarius (Silver, 16 mm, 1.75 g, 12 h), military mint traveling with Brutus in southwestern Asia Minor, with the proquaestor L. Sestius, 43-42 BC. L SESTI PRO Q Quaestorial chair, against which rests staff; modius below. Rev. Q CAEPIO BRVTVS PRO COS Tripod between simpulum and apex. Babelon (Junia) 39 and (Sestia) 4. Crawford 502/4. CRI 203. Sydenham 1292. Clear and pleasant. Both sides struck slightly off center, otherwise, nearly extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 850 CHF
Estimate: 750 CHF
Lot 284
Sextus Pompey, 42-40 BC. Denarius (Silver, 18 mm, 3.66 g, 3 h), military mint in Sicily. MAG.PIVS. - IMP.ITER. Diademed and bearded head of Neptune to right, with his trident over his left shoulder. Rev. PRAEF.CLAS ET O RAE MARIT EX S C (partially ligate) Naval trophy set on an anchor and supported by a trident; at base, two heads of Scylla. Crawford 511/2b. CRI 333. RBW 1784. Sydenham 1347. Rare. Beautifully toned, unusually well-struck and unusually well-centered. Extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 4600 CHF
Estimate: 4500 CHF
Lot 285
Cn. Domitius L.f. Ahenobarbus, 41 BC. Denarius (Silver, 18 mm, 3.99 g, 3 h), uncertain mint moving with Ahenobarbus. AHENOBAR Lighlty bearded male head to right. Rev. CN.DOMITIVS.IMP Trophy on prow to right. Babelon (Domitia) 12. Crawford 519/2. CRI 339. Sydenham 1177. Attractively toned, struck on a broad flan, and with an interesting portrait. Nearly extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 4200 CHF
Estimate: 3750 CHF
Lot 289
Mark Antony, 32-31 BC. Denarius (Silver, 19 mm, 3.61 g, 6 h), mint moving with Antony, perhaps Patrai, autumn 32-spring 31 BC. ANT.AVG / III.VIR.R.P.C. Galley moving to right. Rev. LEG III Legionary eagle between two standards. Babelon (Antonia) 106. Crawford 544/15. CRI 350. Sydenham 1217. Very well-struck and very nicely toned. Minor scratch on the reverse, otherwise, good extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 600 CHF
Estimate: 450 CHF