nomos 17
26 October 2018
Zunfthaus zur Saffran, Zürich
Welcome to Nomos auction 17: as usual, we have tried to put together an interesting sale, even an exciting one – we do hope you will enjoy it!
ISLAMIC, Umayyad Caliphate. 'Abd al-Malik ibin Marwan, AH 65-86 / AD 685-705. Fals (Copper, 18 mm, 3.60 g, 9 h), Pseudo-Damascus. Nothing visible. 'Emperor' seated facing on throne; wearing curious headdress, long robes, and holding a long cross and globus cruciger; to left, bird on stand. Rev. Α/Θ - Χ/U/ΙΙ Large Μ; above, cross between two stars; below, cursive Μ; in exergue, illegible inscription (ΔΜ∖). Irbid pp. 90-91: 2, 14 (dies O85E/R119D). Attractive, well-struck and clear. Good very fine.
Hammer Price: 700 CHF
Estimate: 200 CHF
ISLAMIC, Umayyad Caliphate. 'Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan, AH 65-86 / CE 685-705. Fals (Bronze, 20 mm, 3.08 g, 6 h), overstruck on a clearly visible follis of Constantine I, minted in Rome in 317, Homs, c. AH 72-77 / 692-697. 'abd allah 'abd al-malik amīr al mu'minīn Standing figure of bearded Caliph facing (overstruck on the original coin's reverse). Rev. lā ilaha illā allah waḥdahu muḥammad rasūl allah. Tall Φ on base and three steps; in field to left, star of six points; in field to right, mint name, bi-ḥimṣ (overstruck on the original coin's obverse). DOC 108-110. Cf. Goodwin, 437 (overstruck on a follis of Constantine I from Arelate of 316/37). Extremely rare with a clearly visible undertype. Dark patina. Extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 2400 CHF
Estimate: 350 CHF