nomos 17
26 October 2018
Zunfthaus zur Saffran, Zürich
Welcome to Nomos auction 17: as usual, we have tried to put together an interesting sale, even an exciting one – we do hope you will enjoy it!
ITALY. Padua. Mid 16th Century. Medallion (Bronze, 38 mm, 42.64 g, 7 h), by Giovanni da Cavino (1500-1570), on Marcus Aurelius Caesar. AVRELIVS CAE-SAR AVG PII F COS I Bare-headed and cuirassed bust of Marcus to right, with drapery on his far shoulder. Rev. On the right, Minerva standing to left, resting her left hand on a shield inscribed VIC/AV/G and pointing with her left at Argos, seated to right before a building with an arched door, working on the prow of a galley to his right. Klawans 93, 4. Lawrence 58. Martini 1724-1725 (but both of those are later and rather coarse casts). A particularly sharp, contemporary struck example with a fine brown patina. Extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 2200 CHF
Estimate: 750 CHF
NETHERLANDS. The Dutch Republic. Medal (Silver, 48 mm, 38.44 g, 12 h), on the murder of the De Witt brothers, 1672. ILLVSTRISSIMI. FRATRES.IOHAN:ET. CORNEL:DE.WIT Jugate busts of the De Witt brothers to right. On the edge: (rosette) VIOLENTA MORTE DELETI. HAGÆ. COMITIS. 20 AVG: A'O . 1672 (=violently done to death in the Hague, 20 August 1672). Rev. Within a wreath, inscription of eight lines: Twee Witten, eensgezint, / Gevloeckt, ghehaet, gemint- / Ten spiegel van de Grooten - / Verheven en verstooten, / In alles Lotgemeen, / Staen naer hun doot bijeen / Ghelijck zij hier nae't leven / Zoo konstig zijn gedreven. (=The two de Witts are shown here as they were: they were equally cursed, hated, loved, raised up, and hurled down, and they served as an example to the high and mighty. Animated with the same spirit, they suffered the same fate). TMNK 09275. Van Loon III, pp. 81-84, iii. Attractively toned. Minor edge marks, otherwise, extremely fine.
Current Bid: No Bids
Estimate: 750 CHF
NETHERLANDS. The Dutch Republic. Medal (Silver, 71 mm, 110.00 g, 12 h), on the lynching of the De Witt brothers in the Hague, by P. Aury (1622-?), 1672. IOHANNES DE WITT NAT A 1625 CORNELIVS DE WITT NAT A 1623 Busts of the De Witt brothers facing each other; on the left, armored bust of Cornelius facing right; on the right, civil bust of Johannes facing left; below the busts, AVRY - FEC; on ribbon floating below busts, HIC ARMIS MAXIMVS ILLE TOGA (=one was great in war, the other in peace); behind the head of Johannes, INTEGER VITAE (=irreproachable in his conduct); behind the head of Cornelius, SCELERIS-QVE PVRVS (=free from crime). Rev. NUNC REDEUNT ANIMIS INGENTIA CONSULIS ACTA ET FORMIDATI SCEPTRIS ORACLA MINISTRI (=Now we recall the character of the great deeds of our burgomaster; and the speeches of our minister of state made kingdoms tremble) The De Witt brothers, heroically nude, attacked and killed by a many-bodied monster composed of savage animals (bear, bull, boar, unicorn, lion, tiger and horse); below left, AVRY.F; around, wreath entwined with a ribbon inscribed, MENS ACTIAT MOLEM ET MAGNO SE CORPORE MISCET (=Virgil, Aeneid 6, 724 one primal Mind, immingled with the vast and general frame, fills every part); in exergue, NOBILE PAR FRATRVM SAEVO / FVROR ORE TRVCIDAT. / XX AVGVSTI. (=This noble pair of brothers was put to death by an inhuman frenzy, 20 August 1672), with the year as a chronogram. Scher, The Proud Republic, 39. TMNK 00798. Van Loon III, pp. 81-82. Rare and of great historical importance. Somewhat polished surfaces, otherwise, extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 1100 CHF
Estimate: 1000 CHF
FRANCE, Royal. Louis XIV le Roi Soleil (the Sun King), 1643–1715. Medal (Bronze, 40 mm, 30.07 g, 12 h), parcel gilt or Damascened, by Jean Mauger (1648-1712), on the Treaty of the Pyrenees in 1660. LUDOVICUS XIIII • REX CHRISTIANISSIMUS • Bare head of Louis XIV to right; under neck truncation in small letters, J•MAVGER•F. Rev. REGVM CONGRESSIO• The kings of France, on the left, and Spain, on the right, standing facing each other, clasping their right hands; behind them, landscape with bridge crossing the river Bidassoa, which formed the Franco-Spanish frontier in the Pyrenees. In exergue PAX AD PIRENAEOS / M•DC•LX•. Divo 55 var. Pax in Nummis 225 var. (silver gilt). Van Loon II, p. 447. Very rare. Raised surfaces with contemporary parcel gilding, remaining surfaces with an attractive, deep brown toning. Good extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 2400 CHF
Estimate: 3000 CHF