obolos 16
11. October 2020
Lot 951
KINGS OF PARTHIA. Phraates III, 70/69-58/7 BC. Drachm (Silver, 21 mm, 3.91 g, 1 h), Ekbatana, circa 62. Diademed facing bust of Phraates III, with mustache and short beard, wearing torque with central medallion and elaborate robes. Rev. BAΣIΛE[ΩΣ] / MEΓAΛ•Y // APΣAK•Y // [Θ]ΕOΠATOP•Σ / [E]VEPΓETOY // [Ε]ΠIΦANOVΣ / [KA]I ΦIΛEΛΛHNO[Σ] Parthian archer (Arsakes I) seated to right, holding bow; below bow, ΝΙ. Sellwood 35.1 var (Darius). Sunrise 326. Irregular flan, otherwise, good very fine.
Hammer Price: 420 CHF
Starting Price: 200 CHF
Lot 952
KINGS OF PARTHIA. Vonones I, circa AD 8-12. Drachm (Silver, 19.5 mm, 3.82 g, 1 h), Ekbatana, circa 10. BACIΛEYC ONΩNHC Diademed head of Vonones I to left, wearing earring. Rev. BACIΛEΥ[C O]NΩNHC NEIKHCAC APTABANON Nike standing to right, holding wreath in her right hand and palm in her left; in inner right field, monogram. Sellwood 60.5. Shore 329. Nicely toned and the obverse particularly well centered. Good very fine.
Hammer Price: 140 CHF
Starting Price: 50 CHF
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Lot 953
KINGS OF PARTHIA. Vologases IV, circa AD 147-191. Tetradrachm (Silver, 25 mm, 13.35 g, 12 h), Seleukeia on the Tigris, Artemisios, year 493 = April 181. Draped bust of Vologases to left, wearing torc and high tiara; behind, B. Rev. ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΝ ΑΡΣΑΚΟY OΛΑΓΑΣΟΥ ΔΙΚΑΙΟY ΕΠΙΦΑΝΟYΣ ΦΙΛΕΛΛΗΝΟΣ ΑΠEΛΛAIOY Vologases IV, on the right, seated left, receiving wreath from Tyche, on the left, standing right; between them, Seleukid era date Γ(qoppa)V; in exergue, month (APTEM). Sellwood 84.89. Shore -. Well centered and toned. Good very fine.
Hammer Price: 220 CHF
Starting Price: 75 CHF