obolos 16
11. October 2020
Lot 1277
BYZANTINE SEALS. John Kostomyres, proedros, Circa 11th century. Seal or Bulla (Lead, 17.5 mm, 4.67 g, 11 h). O/ IΩ / O -XP/CT'/M' Draped bust of St John Chrysostom holding the Book of Gospels and raising his right hand in benediction. Rev. +KE BΘ/ IΩ ΠPOE/ΔPΩ TΩ K/CTOMYP in four lines within plain doted border. BZS.1955.1.3108 (same bulloterion). Rare and in exceptional quality . Some uncleaned deposits as found, otherwise, good very fine.
Hammer Price: 220 CHF
Starting Price: 75 CHF
Lot 1278
BYZANTINE SEALS. Christophoros Mytilineos, Circa 11th century. Seal or Bulla (Lead, 33 mm, 21.25 g, 11 h). +KE BO/HΘEI TΩ / CΩ ΔOYΛ, XPIC/TOΦOP, B' A'/CΠAΘA/-P- in six lines within dotted circle. Rev. KPIT' E/ΠI T' IΠΠO/ΔPOM' K TΩN / ANATOΛIK'/ TΩ MITYΛH/-NAIΩ-/• in seven lines within dotted circle. Struck on a broad flan. Scuffs on the obverse, otherwise, very fine.
Hammer Price: 700 CHF
Starting Price: 75 CHF