nomos 15
22 October 2017
Zunfthaus zur Saffran, Zürich
Once again we would like to welcome you to our latest auction, Nomos 15.
A very rare Tari of William II
Lot 318
ITALY, Kingdom of Sicily. Salerno. William II, 1166-1189. Tari (Gold, 19 mm, 0.82 g, 6 h). Arabic legend: King William the Second around star. Rev. Arabic legend: Protector of Christianity around .W. Biaggi 2298. MEC 14, III, 410. Spahr (Bank Leu/Münzen und Medaillen 1987), 157. Very rare. A clear and attractive specimen. Minor edge cut and two minor flan cracks, otherwise, about extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 1900 CHF
Estimate: 1500 CHF
Lot 320
NETHERLANDS. The Dutch Republic. Medal (Silver, 60 mm, 92.04 g, 12 h), on the capture of the Spanish treasure fleet at Matanzas, by the Dutch under Admiral Piet Heyn in 1628, by Jan Smeltzing, '1628' (c. 1680). PET : PETRI . HEINIVS . FOED : BELG : ORD : ARCHITHALASS Bare-head bust of Piet Heyn three-quarter facing to right, wearing high ruff, cuirass and necklace of chains. Rev. HEINIAD NVP[ER] SENSIT SPOLIATA MATANCA View of the victory, by Dutch fleet under Heyn, over the Spanish Treasure Fleet at Matanzas Bay in Cuba. Betts 26. Sandwich AA4. TMNK 00430. Van Loon II, p. 172, 1. An extremely rare and important medal, attractively toned, very sharply struck, and most impressive. A few very minor marks, otherwise, extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 20000 CHF
Estimate: 25000 CHF
Lot 321
NETHERLANDS. The Dutch Republic. Plaquettepenning (Silver, 73 mm, 70.26 g, 12 h), on the death of Admiral Maarten Tromp (1597-1653), by Wouter Muller, 1653. Myn hert en handt was voor het landt (=my heart and hand were for my country) Three-quarter bust of Tromp turned slightly to the right, wearing badge of the Order of St. Michael; above, two putti with trumpets; around, two laurel branches and a wreath formed of military accouterments. Rev. Waarom doet muller Tromp door kunst van goudt en silver leeven: om dat hy d’yser eew door krygsdeugd heeft verdreven den 10 aug 1653 (=Why does the art of Muller make Tromp live in gold and silver? Because he chased out the age of iron by military honor on 10 August 1653) Naval battle with ship sinking in the foreground. M.I. I, 404, no 35 and pl. XXXVI, 6. TMNK 00594-00595. Van Loon II, p. 364, 3. An attractive and impressive medal in high relief. Bright, with fields typically polished long ago, and with a graffito 129591 scratched into the reverse field, otherwise, extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 4000 CHF
Estimate: 4000 CHF
Lot 322
NETHERLANDS. The Dutch Republic. Medal (Silver, 47 mm, 43.18 g, 12 h), on the murder of the De Witt brothers, 1672. ILLVSTRISSIMI.FRATRES.IOHAN:ET.CORNEL:DE.WIT Jugate busts of the De Witt brothers to right. Rev. VNA MENTE ET SORTE (=the same spirit and the same fate) In stormy seas, two sailing ships being driven into a rocky cliff; on edge, *NAVEMQUE VIROSQUE SUB OEQUORE MERSIT* HAGAE.20.AUG.A'O.1672 (=at the Hague on 20 August 1672 the ships and men sink beneath the surface). Cf. TMNK 00803/00804 (but differing edge inscription). Cf. Van Loon III, p. 81-84, iv. Lightly toned and attractive. Very minor edge faults, otherwise, extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 800 CHF
Estimate: 1000 CHF
Lot 324
NETHERLANDS. The Dutch Republic. Plaquettepenning (Silver, 75 mm, 82.49 g, 12 h), marriage medal, by P. van Abeele, c. 1655- 1657, but possibly a reissue by Cornelis Coutrier, c. 1730. De Eendracht Van Het Huwelyck Baart Winst Van d'Aart En 't Hemelryck (=the concord of this marriage reveals the winnings of nature and the kingdom of heaven) Figure of Prosperity seated facing, her legs turned slightly to the left, wearing a wreath of flowers, and holding a platter with a pomegranate in her right hand and a branch of oak and olive in her left; to left, urn containing an aloe plant; to right, full cornucopiae with, on its end, a bird standing left, looking at the branch held by Prosperity. Rev. Daar Twee Trouw Harten Syn In Een Sietmen De Haat En Twist Vertreen (=there two true hearts in marriage drive out hate and envy) A young couple seated facing, in classical dress, their heads turned toward each other; around both of their necks, chain with a large heart pendant; to right, vineyard; trampled beneath their feet, snakes. Frederiks 35/35a. Rijksmuseum NG-NM-4660. TMNK 00590. An attractive, lightly toned example of excellent quality. Usual blow-hole on the edge. Extremely fine.
Hammer Price: Unsold
Estimate: 2000 CHF
Lot 325
NETHERLANDS. The Dutch Republic. Plaquettepenning (Silver, 69 mm, 94.39 g, 12 h), on the silver wedding anniversary of Bernard van Vijve and Margareta Schrick, by Cornelis Coutrier, with his silversmith marks on the edge, 1736. Woman, in classical dress, seated left, holding olive branch in her left hand and pouring a libation from her right over a flaming altar to left; on the altar, stork; above, eye of God in rays. Rev. In a rococo frame, the arms of van Vijve and Schrick above two tablets inscribed: Ter Gedaghtenisse / Van de Silvere Bruiloft Van / Bernardus van Vijve / en / Margareta Schrick /Getrout op den 29 Maart 1711 / En Geviert op den 2 April // Anno 1736. Bemolt 891. Cast and chased as made, with the year letter B on the edge. Beautifully made and very attractive. With a very small hole for a display stand on the bottom edge, and one almost imperceptible edge knock, otherwise, extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 1800 CHF
Estimate: 2250 CHF