nomos 14
17 May 2017
Zunfthaus zur Saffran, Zürich
Welcome to Nomos 14, our largest sale yet, and a sale, which is filled with interesting coins, modestly estimated, that are ideal for the serious collector.
E. Babelon. Description Historique et Chronologique des Monnaies de la République Romaine. 2 Vols.. (Paris, 1885-1886). xii + lvi + 562 + 669 pp., illus. in the text. Contemporary half-vellum. Very Fine condition, A nice set.
Hammer Price: 360 CHF
Estimate: 250 CHF
M- Bernhart. Handbuch zur Münzkunder der römischen Kaiserzeit. 2 vols.. (Halle (Saale), 1926). (vi) +420 1 (vi) +38 pp., 102 plates. 4°, original cloth binding. Very Fine condition, one text page in the plate volume slightly damaged.
Hammer Price: Unsold
Estimate: 200 CHF
H. Cahn. Die Münzen der sizilischen Stadt Naxos. (Basel, 1944). 168 pp., xii pls.. Original paper covers. Very Fine condition, A nice, fresh example.
Hammer Price: 300 CHF
Estimate: 150 CHF
H. Cohen. Description Historique des Monnaies frappées sous l’empire romain, communément appelées Médailles Impériales. 7 Vols. First edtiion.. (Paris, 1859-1868). I: xxviii + 484 pp., 19 pls.; II: iv + 611 pp., 19 pls.; III: iv + 566 pp., 18 pls.; IV: vi + 504 pp., 20 pls.; V: vi + 632 pp., 16 pls.; VI: ii + 631 pp., 20 pls.; VII: xx + 500 pp., 8 pls. All the plates are engraved.. All uniformly bound in half-leather, with gold-topped pages. Fine condition. Some backs repaired with tape or slightly coming away. Internally sound, A nice set, usable as is but should be repaired.
Hammer Price: 750 CHF
Estimate: 400 CHF
J. de Morgan. Traité des monnaies grecques et romaines par Ernest Babelon. III. Monnaies Orientales. Tome I Numismtique de la Perse antique. 2e fascicule: Perside-Elymaïde - Characène; 3e fascicule: Dynastie Sassanide. Planches. 2 Vols.. (Paris, 1930, 1933). (341)-738 cols., (xxvii)-lxxviii pls.. Contemporary cloth-backed boards, with hand written labels. Fine condition, Two parts of the original three issued (missing Parthia).
Hammer Price: Unsold
Estimate: 200 CHF
W. Giesecke. Italia Numismatica. (Leipzig, 1928). viii + 376 pp., 24 pls.. Large 4°, original cloth-backed boards. Very Fine condition, but binding very slightly shaky.
Hammer Price: 160 CHF
Estimate: 200 CHF
W. Giesecke. Sicilia Numismatica. (Leipzig, 1923). vi + 188 pp., 27 pls. 4°, with original cloth-backed boards. Very Fine condition.
Hammer Price: 140 CHF
Estimate: 150 CHF
A. E. Cahn & Ad. Hess Nachf.. Sammlung Ernst Justus Haeberlin. . (Frankfurt a./M., 17 July 1933). viii + 190 pp., 3304 lots, frontispiece portrait, 29 pls., estimate list. Bound in full gold-stamped cloth. Very Fine condition.
Hammer Price: 200 CHF
Estimate: 150 CHF
B.V. Head. Historia Numorum. First edition. (Oxford, 1887). lxxx + 808 pp., 4 pls. 400 figs.. Original half-leather. Fine condition, Some wear to the binding, internally sound but with some minor flecking on the end papers.
Hammer Price: 120 CHF
Estimate: 100 CHF
G. F. Hill. Coins of Ancient Sicily. (Westminster, 1903). xvi + 256 pp., frontispiece, map and 15 pls. Slightly later blue cloth, rebacked with the original title. Fine condition. A good copy, with all the original descriptive plate guards.
Hammer Price: 220 CHF
Estimate: 125 CHF
E.S.G. Robinson. Catalogue of Ancient Greek Coins collected by Godfrey Locker Lampson. (London, 1923). xx + 126 pp., frontispiece, 26 pls.. 4°, original card covers. Very Fine condition.
Hammer Price: 260 CHF
Estimate: 200 CHF
J. Sabatier. Description Générale des Monnaies Byzantines. 2 Vols.. (Paris, 1862). viii + 326 + 380 pp., 70 pls.,. Attractively bound in red half-leather with marbled boards (byS. Mepham of Dorchester). Fine condition, some flecking.
Hammer Price: 275 CHF
Estimate: 250 CHF
A. von Sallet, revised by K. Regling; K. Regling. Die Antiken Münzen; Die antike Münzen als Kunstwerk. (Berlin, 1929 and 1924). 174 pp., fully interleaved and with many illus. in the text; (4) + 148 pp., 45 pls. The first elegantly bound in Greek-style boards with a gold-stamped leather label; the second in the original gold-stamped leather. Both in fine condition. The first very unusual and interesting, the second as issued.
Hammer Price: 360 CHF
Estimate: 75 CHF
A. Sambon. Les Monnaies antiques de l’Italie. Tome Premier (all published). (Paris, 1903). v + 446 pp., illus. in text and 5 pls. Contemporary cloth-backed boards. Very good but slightly shaky.
Hammer Price: 190 CHF
Estimate: 200 CHF