nomos 14
17 May 2017
Zunfthaus zur Saffran, Zürich
Welcome to Nomos 14, our largest sale yet, and a sale, which is filled with interesting coins, modestly estimated, that are ideal for the serious collector.
GERMANY, Duchy of Saxony. Heinrich der Löwe, 1139/1142-1195. Bracteate (Silver, 27mm, 0.83 g 12), Braunschweig. +IPNNCLEOEIDVXHINRICSOLEOA Lion to left, his head facing and his left front paw touching the border; above, pellet; around double border and inscription. Rev. Incuse of the obverse. Denicke 33b. Kestner 616-618. Toned and clear. A little weakly struck, otherwise, about extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 420 CHF
Estimate: 350 CHF
GERMANY, Altenburg. Heinrich VI, emperor, 1190-1197. Bracteate (Silver, 34mm, 0.83 g 12). Unclear inscription Emperor seated facing, crowned and holding lily-scepter and globus cruciger; all within shaped frame surrounded by inscription. Rev. Incuse of the obverse. Kestner 2077. Cf. Slg. Bonhoff 1179. Dark patina. Good very fine.
Hammer Price: 170 CHF
Estimate: 200 CHF
GERMANY, Ulm (Königliche Münzstätte). Friedrich II, emperor, 1215-1250. Bracteate (Silver, 20mm, 0.34 g 12). Crowned and winged facing bust, raising right hand in blessing; inner annular border surrounded by a circle of crosses and squares. Rev. Incuse of the obverse. Kestner 2602. Slg.Bonhoff 1866. Slg. Löbbecke 1009. Beautifully dark toned. About extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 220 CHF
Estimate: 250 CHF
GERMANY, Ulm (Königliche Münzstätte). Konrad IV, king of Germany and Italy, 1250-1254. Bracteate (Silver, 19mm, 0.50 g 12). Crowned facing bust holding two upraised swords; annular border surrounded by oblong dots. Rev. Incuse of the obverse. Häberle 44a/b. Kestner 2616. Slg. Bonhoff 1870.. Attractively toned. About extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 260 CHF
Estimate: 300 CHF