nomos 12
22 May 2016
Zunfthaus zur Saffran, Zürich
CELTIC BRITAIN, Catuvellauni. Addedomaros, c. 45-25 BC. Stater (Gold, 18mm, 5.58 g). Crossed wreaths with two crescents back to back at the center. Rev. [AĐĐIIDOM] Horse to right; below, wheel; above and below, pellet within annulets and pellets. ABC 2514. BMC 2930. VA 1605. Legend mostly off the flan as usual, otherwise, well centered and struck on a large flan. About extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 2600 CHF
Estimate: 2000 CHF
CELTIC BRITAIN, Atrebates & Regni. Eppillus, circa 10 BC-AD 10. 1/4 Stater (Gold, 10mm, 1.19 g 9), Calleva (Silchester). CALLEV between two stars. Rev. EPPA Dog leaping to right; below, rosette. ABC 1148. BMC 986-1001. SCBC 96. Van Arsdell 407. Good very fine.
Hammer Price: 1200 CHF
Estimate: 1000 CHF
CELTIC BRITAIN, Atrebates & Regni. Verica, 10-40. Stater (Gold, 16mm, 5.17 g 2), vine leaf type, southern mint: either in or near Chichester or Silchester. VI - R[I] Vine leaf. Rev. C - O - [F] Warrior, with spear and shield strapped over his back, riding horse galloping to right (apparently leaping from one ‘platform’ to another). ABC 1193. Bean VERS3-1b. SCBC 121. Van Arsdell 520-1. An attractive toned piece. Both sides slightly off center, otherwise, extremely fine.
Hammer Price: 2400 CHF
Estimate: 2000 CHF