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Nomos 5

25 October 2011
Zunfthaus zur Saffran, Zürich
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Lot 46
Lot 46

GERMANY, Northwest Germany. Uncertain. Circa 1580. One-sided roundel (Bronze, 154 mm, 310.00 g), based on a design by Jost Amman (1539-1591). Scene of Dido’s foundation of Carthage. According to legend when the Phoenician princess Elissa (her epithet was Dido = the Wanderer) arrived in the area of Tunisia she asked if her people could have land for a settlement, just as much as could be encompassed by an oxhide. This she was granted but she was able to have the hide so finely cut up that she was able to use it to surround an entire hill, from then on known as the Byrsa, or hide. On this medal we see her on horseback in the foreground, surrounded by attendants and the local inhabitants. Before her two soldiers are carefully cutting the hide on a table, from which it falls as a continuous rope into a coil on the ground before; this long string is being uncoiled to form the city boundary by two men on the right; other attendants, including horsemen are in the background, some leading pack animals and some, riding camels. In the far background, view of a city, with towers and bridges: either a view of Utica or a vision of the Carthage to come. Around the edge, wreath of leaves and fruits. Rev. Plain, but with incuse areas behind areas of higher relief on the obverse. A ring mount, perhaps of slightly later date than the roundel, is soldered onto the reverse at 12 o’clock. Weber 561 (but illustrating an example without the wreath border). Rare. A superb, original cast, beautifully detailed with figures in high relief. Splendid and uniform dark brown patina. Extremely fine.

Hammer Price: 6000 CHFEstimate: 5000 CHF
Lot 58
Lot 58

Sweden. Gustavus II Adolphus. 1611–1632. Medal in the weight of 5 1/2 Thalers (Silver, 79mm, 160 g 12), minted by order of the Swedish government to commemorate the return of the King’s body to Stockholm, by Sebastian Dadler in Danzig (Gdansk), 1634. GUSTAVUS ADOLPHUS MAGNUS DEI GRATIA SUECOR:GOTHOR:ET VANDALOR:REX AUGUSTUS At the center, the armored and crowned body of Gustavus Adophus lying in state at the battlefied of Lützen; behind, scene of the battle with the victorious Swedes driving the enemy before them to left, and with an angel accompanying them, bearing a sword with VEL MORTUUM FUGIUNT (even they flee death); above, Hebrew name of Jehovah in a halo of rays and many angels in clouds; at the center, two angels carry the soul of the king to heaven, EUGE SERVE FIDELIS (=well done faithful servant). In the exergue, NATUS 9 DEC:ANNO 1594 / GLORIOSE MORTUUS 6 / NOU:ANO 1632. Rev. DUX GLORIOS PRINC PIUS HEROS INVICT VICTOR INCOMPARAB TRUMPH FELIX & GERM LIBERATOR A 1634 (=Glorious leader, pious prince, invincible hero, incomparable victor, happily triumphant and liberator of Germany. In the year 1634 Gustavus, wearing armor and holding a Bible and a sword, riding in a chariot drawn by three winged horses over the Hydra of Discord; to left, Faith, holding a Bible topped by a flaming heart and, to right, Courage, holding a column, both crowning the king with a laurel wreath; on the chariot wheel, signature SD; above, ET VITA ET MORTE / TRIUMPHO (=I triumph in both life and death). Hildebrand I, p. 192, 188. Maué 35. Wiecek 89. Very rare. A beautifully toned and beautifully preserved example of heavy weight. A few very minor marks, otherwise, virtually as struck.

Hammer Price: 7750 CHFEstimate: 8000 CHF
Lot 66
Lot 66

Netherlands. 1667. Medal (Silver, 71.5mm, 124.23 g 12), struck to commemorate the Peace of Breda between Great Britain and Holland, by Christoffel Adolfzoon (c.1631-1680). MITIS ET FORTIS (= gentle and strong) Hollandia, helmeted and partially armored, holding a scepter with an eye at its end in her right hand and a lance bound with the arrows of the Netherlands in her left, standing facing, between a lamb and a lion, her left foot treading on the figure of Discord, a semi-nude gorgon-headed old woman, lying before her; behind her on her right, Dutch warships sailing to left; on her left, British warships burning; behind, the palace at Breda; in exergue, PROCUL.HINC.MALA.BESTIA / REGNIS! IUN: 22. / 1667.C.A. (=go away from these states, you vicious beast!) followed by the date of the Treaty of Breda and the engraver’s initials.

Rev. Pax, draped but with one breast bare, standing facing, her hair billowing out behind her and holding sword tipped with an olive wreath in her right hand and a cornucopiae and caduceus with her left; above, flanked by garlands of fruit, hand of God emerging from the clouds holding the shields of England and the Netherlands, and, to left and right of Pax’s neck, long ribbon inscribed IRATO BELLUM PLACATO NUMINE PAX EST (=war from an angry divinity, peace from one appeased; behind, peacefully sailing merchant ships; below her feet, arms and a crown; in exergue below, REDIIT.CONCORDIAE.MATER / BREDAE (=Mother Concord has returned at Breda) and shield bearing the arms of Breda between IUL.31 .Ao.1667.
On the edge: NUMISMA.POSTERITATI.SACRUM.BELGA.BRITANNOQUE RECONCILIATIS,CUM.PRIVIL:ORDIN:HOLLAND:ET:WEST (=A medal consecrated to posterity on the occasion of the Peace between the United Provinces and Great Britain. With the permission of the States of Holland and West Friesland). M. I. pp. 528-529, 176. PiN 257. Scher, The Proud Republic, 38. Van Loon II, pp. 534-536. Very rare, a beautiful, impressive and very important medal of great historic significance. Attractively toned. A few very minor marks, otherwise, good extremely fine.

Hammer Price: 5000 CHFEstimate: 4500 CHF
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