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Nomos AG, located in Kriens, a suburb of Luzern in Switzerland, was founded in 1972 by Dr. Roland Maly who ran it until his unexpected death in 2005. Dr. Maly had began collecting and working with coins in the early 1950s and they became his passion: during his years of business as a professional numismatist he helped form many collections of classical coins that were exemplary for their quality and interest. After his death his collection was sold in Zürich, but the firm itself and its invaluable photo file was acquired from Dr. Maly’s heirs by a long-time collector of ancient coins, Dr. A. Peter Weiss, who had decided to continue the business. The recreated firm’s first price list was produced in the United States in late 2007; a second came out the following year. In 2008, an office was acquired in the historic old town of Zürich, and following renovations it opened in February 2009.

Among the firm’s other partners are Victor England and Eric McFadden, well-known professional numismatists who are also principals of the Classical Numismatic Group, and Dr. Alan Walker, who joined Nomos AG as Director and will oversee the Zürich based operations. Dr. Walker, who has a degree in Classics from the Johns Hopkins University and a doctorate in Classical Archaeology from the University of Pennsylvania, joined Nomos AG after 28 years with the numismatic department of Bank Leu and its successors. He received field training in archaeology in England; later in Athens he worked, under the auspices of the American School of Classical Studies, on the coins from the Agora Excavations. In his years in Zürich Dr. Walker was responsible for researching and writing some of the world’s finest numismatic auction catalogues. Dr. Walker will also be attending most major international auctions and is available to provide expertise and representation for interested collectors; Nomos AG is already serving a wide spectrum of private and institutional clients.

Since its re-foundation, Nomos AG has specialized in rare and beautiful ancient, medieval and early modern coins and medals, presented in our price lists or at auction, or by direct sale; it is a matter of pride that a number of major institutional clients, in Europe and the United States, have acquired important items for their collections from us. Now that our web site has been redesigned we will be presenting limited numbers of numismatically interesting coins on a periodic basis.

Dimitrios Gerothanasis, a PhD candidiate in History & Archeology from the University of Thessaloniki, Greece, has joined Nomos AG in 2017 as a numismatist. Dimitri is completing a significant die study on the entire coinage of Mende. Dimitri brings honesty and complete integrity to Nomos combined with a deep knowledge of both Greek and Roman coins. He speaks English and German as well as some French and Italian.
Alan Walker
If you are interested in consigning material to an upcoming Nomos auction, or would like to explore a direct sale, or merely need numismatic advice, please contact:

Dr. Alan S. Walker
Senior Numismatist, Nomos AG
Dimitrios Gerothanasis
Dimitrios Gerothanasis
Numismatist, Nomos AG