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MACEDON. Mende. Circa 460-423 BC. Tetradrachm (Silver, 27 mm, 17.02 g, 5 h), c. 425. Dionysos, wearing ivy wreath and himation and with his head turned forward, reclining on a donkey walking to right; he holds, with his right hand, a kantharos, propped on his right knee, and rests his left hand on the donkey’s side. Rev. ΜΕΝ-ΔΑ-Ι-ΟΝ Linear square divided into four compartments, as a roof coffer with its beams studded with nails; all within incuse square. AMNG pl. 1, 16 and Kraay / Hirmer 404 (same dies). Noe, Mende 83. Of excellent Classical style, attractively toned and well-centered. Some very light smoothing in the obverse fields, otherwise, good very fine.
Price: 20000 CHF
MACEDON. Sermyle. Circa 500-470 BC. Stater (Silver, 27 mm, 16.85 g). SERMYΛIAO-N Armored warrior, holding spear aloft in his raised right hand, riding a horse galloping to right; below, base formed of two horizontal lines enclosing a line of pellets. Rev. Quadripartite incuse square, with a cross-like ornament composed of five pellets at the center. AMNG III/2, 3, pl. XXI, 5 = de Hirsch 987 = Traité I 1668 (struck from the same dies). Rare. Well-centered, with attractive grey surfaces. Usual minor granularity and with an obverse lightly struck, otherwise, good very fine.
Price: 7500 CHF
WESTERN GREECE AND THE IONIAN ISLANDS, Uncertain. Circa 450-400 BC. Hemiobol (Silver, 5 mm, 0.41 g, 7 h). Scallop shell. Rev. A within shallow incuse square. Apparently unpublished and unknown. An interesting and clear piece. Some surface roughness and uncleaned deposits as found, otherwise, about extremely fine.
Price: 1000 CHF
BITHYNIA. Apamea. Augustus, with Agrippa, 27 BC-AD 14. (Bronze, 21 mm, 7.56 g, 1 h), struck under the duovir C. Cassius C. f., 27 BC. IMP CAESAR DIVI F AVGVSTO COS VII Bare head of Augustus to right. Rev. AGRIPPA COS III IM C DI F S C C R C CASSIVS C F IIVIR C I C F C Bare head of Agrippa to right. RPC 2008. RPC online 2008.16 (this coin). Rare and unusually complete. Tiny adjustment marks as made. Minor weakness and some spots of corrosion, otherwise, nearly extremely fine.
Price: 1750 CHF

Augustus. 27 BC-AD 14. Denarius (Silver, 18mm, 3.84 g 5), Lugdunum, 15 BC. AVGVSTVS DIVI F Bare head of Augustus to right. Rev. IMP.X Bull with head lowered, butting to right. BMC 451. Cohen 137. RIC 167 a. A splendid piece with a very good, Gallic-style portrait in high relief. Tiny flan crack and banker’s mark on the emperor’s cheek, otherwise, good extremely fine.

Price: 3750 CHF