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CAMPANIA. Hyria. Circa 405-385 BC. Didrachm or nomos (Silver, 19 mm, 7.35 g, 5 h). Head of Athena to left, wearing crested Attic helmet decorated with an olive-wreath and an owl standing to left. Rev. YDINAI (retrograde) Man-faced bull walking to right. HN III, 539. Rutter 22 (HD/HR). Attractively toned and of fine style. Good very fine.
Price: 2500 CHF
LUCANIA. Laos. Circa 480-460 BC. Stater (Silver, 17 mm, 8.11 g, 4 h). ϟΑΛ Man-headed bull standing to left, his head turned back to right. Rev. ϟΑΛ Man-headed bull standing to right. HN III 2275. SNG ANS 135 (same dies). Sternberg CIN 8, 5d (this coin). Bold, well-centered and toned: a most attractive coin. Nearly extremely fine.
Price: 15000 CHF
LUCANIA. Metapontum. Circa 520-510 BC. Stater (Silver, 27 mm, 8.12 g, 12 h). ΜΕΤΑ Ear of barley with eight grains; around, border of dots within two concentric linear circles. Rev. Ear of barley with eight grains, all incuse; rayed border. HN III 1467. Noe 115 (same dies). SNG ANS 209. A very attractive, beautifully toned example of splendid quality, struck in high relief on a broad flan, rare thus. Extremely fine.
Price: 15000 CHF
CALABRIA. Tarentum. Circa 280-272 BC. Stater (Silver, 22 mm, 6.57 g, 12 h), Phintylos and Eu.... Warrior, nude but for his helmet, riding horse galloping to right, thrusting spear with his upraised right hand, holding two spears and the reins with his left, and with his shield over his back; to left, ΕΥ; below, ΦΙΝΤΥΛΟΣ. Rev. ΤΑΡΑΣ Phalanthos, riding dolphin to left, holding [Nike] in his right hand and trident with his left; below right arm, ΠΟΛΥ; below dolphin, galley prow to left. HN III 1002. Vlasto 721. Very attractively toned and very sharply struck. Reverse very slightly off center to left, otherwise, extremely fine.
Price: 2500 CHF
SICILY. Himera. Circa 530-483/2 BC. Drachm (Silver, 20 mm, 5.48 g). Rooster standing to left. Rev. Mill-sail pattern of eight triangles, alternatively raised and sunken; all within a rayed border. HGC 2, 421. Kraay Group III, uncertain dies. With a bold and lively rooster, nicely toned. Good very fine.
Price: 3250 CHF
SICILY. Kamarina. Circa 405 BC. Diobol (Gold, 11.5 mm, 1.14 g, 7 h). Head of Athena to right, wearing a crested Attic helmet adorned with a hippocamp. Rev. KA Olive-spray with two berries. SNG ANS 1209. Weber 1248 (this coin). Westermark & Jenkins 206.14 (this coin). Removed from NGC encapsulation #4936361-003. Rare. Very well-centered and clearly struck. Very fine.
Price: 10000 CHF
SICILY. Syracuse. Hieron II, 275-215 BC. (Bronze, 29 mm, 18.13 g, 12 h). Diademed head of Hieron II to left; in the field to right, behind head, ram’s head to right. Rev. ΙΕΡΩΝΟΣ Helmeted cavalryman riding horse prancing to right, holding couched lance with his right hand; below right, monogram of ΑΡ. CNS 193 (Ds15/R1.3) var. SNG ANS -. Apparently unpublished and very rare. Of exceptionally fine style and with a lovely green patina. Extremely fine.
Price: 7500 CHF
SICILY. Tauromenion. Circa 214-212 BC. 15 Litrai or Trihemiobol (Gold, 10 mm, 1.00 g, 7 h). Laureate head of Apollo to left; in the field to right, fly. Rev. TAYPOME-NITAN Tripod lebes with lid, three ring handles, ornamental volutes below the bowl and legs ending in lion's paws; above to left, monogram of API. HGC 2, 1571. SNG ANS 1115. Of unusually fine Hellenistic style, especially for such a small coin, toned, and with an illustrious pedigree. Some minor scratches and marks, otherwise, nearly extremely fine.
Price: 7500 CHF
SKYTHIA. Olbia. Dynast Eminakos, Circa 450-425. Stater (Silver, 21 mm, 11.50 g). [EMINAK]O Herakles, wearing lion's skin draped over his head and back, kneeling to right, drawing his bow. Rev. Studded four-spoked wheel surrounded by four dolphins swimming counter-clockwise within the corners of an incuse square. G.F. Hill, Greek Coins Acquired by The British Museum, NC 1926, p. 117, pl. V, 2. Jameson 2536 (this obverse die). Rosen 147. SNG BM Black Sea 358. SNG Pushkin 52. SNG Stancomb 342. Traité IV 1771. Very rare and iconographically important. The curved figure of Herakles is reminiscent of both the electrum types of Kyzikos and Attic Red Figure kylix tondos. Some surface roughness, otherwise, good very fine.
Price: 32500 CHF
MACEDON. Akanthos. Circa 480-470 BC. Tetradrachm (Silver, 28.5 mm, 17.43 g). Lion to right, attacking bull, collapsing to left with head raised; above, Θ; below, in exergue, floral ornament. Rev. Quadripartite incuse square with granulated surfaces. Desneux 63 var. (D61/R- [57?]). SNG ANS 10. Lightly toned, beautifully centered and well struck. Extremely fine.
Price: 9500 CHF
MACEDON. Mende. Circa 460-423 BC. Tetradrachm (Silver, 27 mm, 17.02 g, 5 h), c. 425. Dionysos, wearing ivy wreath and himation and with his head turned forward, reclining on a donkey walking to right; he holds, with his right hand, a kantharos, propped on his right knee, and rests his left hand on the donkey’s side. Rev. ΜΕΝ-ΔΑ-Ι-ΟΝ Linear square divided into four compartments, as a roof coffer with its beams studded with nails; all within incuse square. AMNG pl. 1, 16 and Kraay / Hirmer 404 (same dies). Noe, Mende 83. Of excellent Classical style, attractively toned and well-centered. Some very light smoothing in the obverse fields, otherwise, good very fine.
Price: 20000 CHF
MACEDON. Mende. Circa 460-423 BC. Tetradrachm (Silver, 25.00 mm, 17.21 g, 6 h), c. 430-425. Dionysos, bearded and wearing a himation, holding a kantharos in his extended right hand and resting his left hand on the cloth covering the donkey's back, reclining left on the back of a donkey walking to right; in exergue, grasshopper. Rev. MEN - ΔA - I - ON Linear square containing a vine with leaves, tendrils and four bunches of grapes. Gulbenkian 415 (same dies). Noe, Mende 90 (this coin among the ones mentioned by Noe). SNG ANS 348. Of the highest Classical art, struck from dies prepared by an extremely capable engraver, this coin represents the artistic peak of Mende's 5th century coinage. Extremely fine.
Price: 100000 CHF
MACEDON. Philippoi. Circa 356-345 BC. Tetradrachm (Silver, 24 mm, 14.42 g, 6 h), struck under the magistrate Hera.... Youthful, beardless head of Herakles to right, wearing lion's skin headdress. Rev. ΦΙΛΙΠΠΩΝ Tripod with three tall rings ornamented with fillets; above, laurel branch to right; to left, club upwards; in exergue, ΗΡΑ. Bellinger 21. Traité IV 1186. Weber 1990. Probably the best example known! Extremely fine.
Price: 52500 CHF
MACEDON. Sermyle. Circa 500-470 BC. Stater (Silver, 27 mm, 16.85 g). SERMYΛIAO-N Armored warrior, holding spear aloft in his raised right hand, riding a horse galloping to right; below, base formed of two horizontal lines enclosing a line of pellets. Rev. Quadripartite incuse square, with a cross-like ornament composed of five pellets at the center. AMNG III/2, 3, pl. XXI, 5 = de Hirsch 987 = Traité I 1668 (struck from the same dies). Rare. Well-centered, with attractive grey surfaces. Usual minor granularity and with an obverse lightly struck, otherwise, good very fine.
Price: 7500 CHF
KINGS OF MACEDON. Archelaos, 413-400/399 BC. Stater (Silver, 24 mm, 10.31 g, 6 h). Cavalryman, wearing kausia and chlamys, and holding two spears in his right hand and the reins in his left, riding galloping horse to left . Rev. AP-X-E-ΛAO Forepart of a goat kneeling to right, his head turned back to left; all in a linear square within a shallow incuse square. AMNG III, pl. XXIX, 10 (same reverse die). SNG ANS 64. Westermark, Staters, Group I (O2/R6, these dies, but this combination unrecorded). Lightly toned and well-centered. Good very fine.
Price: 5000 CHF
KINGS OF MACEDON. Philip II, 359-336 BC. Tetradrachm (Silver, 25 mm, 14.34 g, 1 h), struck under Philip III and Cassander, Pella, c. 323-315. Laureate head of Zeus to right. Rev. ΦIΛIΠΠOΥ Young jockey, on horseback to right, holding palm branch and reins; below horse, snake coiled to right; below horse's raised forleg, Boeotian shield. Le Rider 524 (S279/R432). A coin of attractive early Hellenistic style. Test cut on the reverse, otherwise, nearly extremely fine.
Price: 2000 CHF
KINGS OF MACEDON. Alexander III ‘the Great’, 336-323 BC. Dekadrachm (Silver, 35 mm, 42.55 g, 2 h), Babylon, circa 325-323. Head of youthful Herakles to right, wearing lion's skin headdress. Rev. ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΥ Zeus seated left on high-backed throne, holding long scepter in his left hand and, on his right, an eagle standing to right with closed wings; in the field to left, M; below throne, monogram. HGC 3.2, 909. Price 3600 var. (control marks in different positions). A very rare variety. Toned and in excellent silver, lacking the usual crystallisation. Usual marks an abrasions , otherwise, good very fine.
Price: 110000 CHF
THESSALY, Lamia. first quarter of the 4th century BC. Hemidrachm (Silver, 15 mm, 2.86 g, 12 h). Head of young Dionysos to right, wearing ivy wreath. Rev. ΛΑΜΙ / ΕΩ / Ν Amphora with tall handles; to right, prochous with handle to right. BCD II 121 (this coin). BMC p. 22, 1, pl. III, 12. Georgiou, p. 160 and pl. 1, 4 (period B, AR group I). SNG Fitzwilliam 2378. Nicely toned. A few minor marks, otherwise, very fine.
Price: 1400 CHF
THESSALY. Larissa. Early 4th Century BC. Trihemiobol (Silver, 16 mm, 1.61 g, 9 h). Small, round shield with the device of a bull's hoof to right within a dotted circle; , all within a circle of dots. Rev. Λ-API Laureate and draped bust of long-haired and bearded Asklepios to right, before him, snake coiling right. BCD Thessaly I 1120 and II 169 var. (both struck from the same dies, albeit different from the ones here). Traité II, 4, 690 and pl. CCXCVII, 23-24. A wonderful piece, very rare, toned and with a magnificent head of Asklepios. Struck on a curiously oblong flan, otherwise, nearly extremely fine.
Price: 5000 CHF
THESSALY. Magnetes. Circa 140-130 BC. Drachm (Silver, 19 mm, 3.89 g, 7 h). Laureate head of Zeus to right; behind head, monogram. Rev. ΜΑΓΝΗΤΩΝ Artemis, wearing hunting costume, with quiver over her shoulder and holding bow in her right hand, seated left on galley prow; to left, dolphin swimming downwards; above prow, star; to right, two monograms. BMC 1. BCD II 415.2. SNG Copenhagen 153. Nicely toned. Good very fine.
Price: 850 CHF
ISLANDS OFF THESSALY, Skyros. c. 485-480 BC. Didrachm (Silver, 23 mm, 8.75 g, 12 h). Two long horned and bearded goats, opposed vertically, back to back, with their heads turned inwards and their legs extended; between them, five-lobed fig leaf. Rev. Stellate design composed of a large central globule surrounded by four smaller ones and by two rays (towards the upper left and lower right) and two three-lobed fig leaves (towards the upper right and lower left); all within incuse square; die breaks at top, mid left edge and lower left edge. ANS GCNAC Norman Davis 126 = Balcer 13, dies A.7/P.4. BCD Thessaly 1, 1367 (this coin). BMFA 936. SNG Copenhagen 732. Very rare. Deeply toned. Good very fine.
Price: 35000 CHF
WESTERN GREECE AND THE IONIAN ISLANDS, Uncertain. Circa 450-400 BC. Hemiobol (Silver, 5 mm, 0.41 g, 7 h). Scallop shell. Rev. A within shallow incuse square. Apparently unpublished and unknown. An interesting and clear piece. Some surface roughness and uncleaned deposits as found, otherwise, about extremely fine.
Price: 1000 CHF
EUBOIA, Euboian League. Circa 357-338 BC. Drachm (Silver, 17 mm, 3.88 g, 11 h). Head of the nymph Euboia to left, wearing pendant earring and with her hair rolled. Rev. ΕΥ Protome of bull facing three-quarters to right, draped with fillet; to right, kantharos. BCD Euboia 50 (this coin). HGC 4, 1421. Wallace 77c (XXXIX/50 & pl. IX, 77 this coin). Perfectly centered, very attractive and beautifully toned. Good very fine.
Price: 1750 CHF
ATTICA. Athens. Circa 510-500/490 BC. Tetradrachm (Silver, 24 mm, 17.65 g, 8 h). Head of Athena to right, wearing an Attic helmet bearing a crest with a highly decorated holder, traces of a necklace (?) and a disc earring. Rev. ΑΘΕ ( the theta with a pellet at its center) Heavy-bodied owl standing to right, head facing; behind, at the upper left, large olive sprig with two leaves and a fruit; all within incuse square. Cf. Seltman Group Gi and obverse A120 ff., and Svoronos pl. 6, 2. Rare. Attractive and clear with a very well-centered obverse. Minor metal faults, otherwise, about extremely fine.
Price: 17500 CHF
SIKYONIA. Sikyon. Circa 360s-340s/330s BC. Obol (Silver, 11 mm, 0.63 g, 3 h). Dove alighting right; above tail, Σ. Rev. Dove flying right. BCD 255.3. A rare variant with no letter on the reverse. Sharply struck and lightly toned. Struck very slightly off-center, otherwise, good extremely fine.
Price: 750 CHF

ARKADIA, Pheneos. Circa 370-340 BC. Obol (Silver, 0.90 g 2). Bust of youthful Hermes to right, his cloak tied around his neck and with his petasos hanging behind, suspended by a cord Rev. ΦΕ Ram standing to right; above, kerykeion to right. BCD 1608. BMC 5. Traité II, 3, 891. Weber 4317. Rare. With a wonderful head of Hermes in high relief. Minor flan crack and with a slightly double-struck reverse, otherwise, virtually as struck.

Price: 3250 CHF
ARKADIA. Stymphalos. Circa 350 BC. Obol (Silver, 10 mm, 0.92 g, 3 h). Head of Herakles in lion skin headdress to right. Rev. ΣΤΥΜΦΑΛΙΟΝ (retrograde) Head of water bird to right. BCD 1703. SNG Copenhagen 286. Very rare. A very attractive coin with a remarkably detailed bird head on the reverse. Some slight roughness in the die, otherwise, virtually as struck.
Price: 6000 CHF
CYCLADES, Paros. early 490s-early 480s BC. Drachm (Silver, 16 mm, 5.86 g). Goat kneeling to right. Rev. Quadripartite incuse square. Sheedy 99 (this obverse die). HGC 6, 655. Attractively toned and well-centered. Some minor roughness, otherwise, about extremely fine.
Price: 7950 CHF
MYSIA. Kyzikos. Circa 550-500 BC. Hekte (Electrum, 11 mm, 2.68 g). Sphinx crouching to left, with her right foreleg raised, on tunny swimming to left. Rev. Quadripartite incuse square. BMFA 1451. SNG Paris 201. Von Fritze 72. A lovely and sharply struck example. A few minor flan cracks, otherwise, about extremely fine.
Price: 3000 CHF
MYSIA. Lampsakos. Circa 510 BC. Didrachm (Silver, 17 mm, 6.43 g). Forepart of Pegasos flying to right, with his wings above and behind his body. Rev. Quadripartite incuse square. Baldwin, Lampsakos pl. V, 5 (same dies). BMFA 1584. SNG BN -. Extremely rare and of remarkably fine style. Some minor marks and roughness, otherwise, nearly extremely fine.
Price: 9750 CHF
IONIA. Uncertain mint. Circa 650-600 BC. Trite (Electrum, 15 x 9 mm, 4.70 g), Lydo-Milesian standard. Plain, albeit slightly rough, convex surface. Rev. Two irregular incuse square punches, side by side. SNG Kayhan 673 var. Weidauer 7 var (Hekte). Very rare, one of the earliest coins struck in Asia Minor. Minor metal faults , otherwise, extremely fine.
Price: 5000 CHF
IONIA. Teos. Circa 510-500 BC. Stater (Silver, 20 mm, 11.63 g). Griffin, with open mouth and a raised left forepaw, seated to right on an ornamental base. Rev. Quadripartite incuse square. Balcer 4a (this specimen, illustrated on pl. XI). SNG von Aulock 2251 (this coin). Rare. Attractively toned and well-centered - overstruck on an Aeginetan stater. Traces of overstriking on both obverse and reverse, otherwise, good very fine.
Price: 7500 CHF
ISLANDS OFF CARIA, Karpathos. Poseidion. Circa 500-450 BC. Stater (Silver, 20 mm, 13.56 g), c. 450. Two dolphins, one above the other, leaping in opposite directions: the upper to left and the lower to right; below the lower dolphin, small dolphin leaping to right; all within a square double border, the outer linear and the inner dotted, with a floral ornament in each internal angle. Rev. Two parallel incuse rectangles with irregular fields. Jameson 1542. Stephanaki, Kairos, 25 (D6/R8 this coin) = SNG von Aulock 2743 (this coin). Very rare and attractive; nicely struck and with a fine old cabinet tone. Good very fine.
Price: 17500 CHF
ISLANDS OFF CARIA, Rhodos. Rhodes. Circa 88/42 BC-AD 14. Drachm (Silver, 19 mm, 4.13 g, 6 h), struck under the magistrate Kritiokles. Radiate head of Helios facing, turned slightly to the right. Rev. Ρ - Ο / ΚΡΙΤΟΚΛΗΣ Rose seen from above; below, corn ear to left. Ashton & Weiss 142. (A36/P140). BMC 337-8(same obverse die). SNG Keckman 742 (same obverse die). SNG Lockett 2971 (same dies). With a wonderfully sharp and dramatic head of Helios: you can even see the life-like way his nostrils flare as he 'breathes'! Extremely fine.
Price: 1750 CHF
SELEUKID KINGS OF SYRIA. Antiochos Hierax, circa 242-227 BC. Tetradrachm (Silver, 31 mm, 16.94 g, 11 h), Abydos in Troas. Diademed head of Hierax to right. Rev. ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΑΝΤΙΟΧΟΥ Apollo, with light drapery on his left leg, seated left on an omphalos decorated with encircling fillets, holding an arrow in his right hand and resting his left hand on his bow next to the omphalos; in inner field to left, long torch; below, hawk (hierax) standing to left and square monogram. SC 842(1). WSM 1557. Rare. Attractive, clear and lightly toned with a remarkably sensitive portrait. Good very fine.
Price: 4000 CHF
PTOLEMAIC KINGS OF EGYPT. Ptolemy II Philadelphos, with Arsinöe II, Ptolemy I, and Berenike I, 285-246 BC. Mnaeion or Octadrachm (Gold, 27 mm, 27.70 g, 12 h), Alexandria, after 265 BC. ΑΔΕΛΦΩΝ Jugate busts right of Ptolemy II, diademed and draped, and Arsinoe II, diademed and veiled; behind, Gallic shield. Rev. ΘΕΩΝ Jugate busts right of Ptolemy I, diademed and draped, and Berenike I, diademed and veiled. CPE 313. Olivier & Lorber 54 (A8/R26 this coin). SNG Copenhagen 132. Svoronos 603. A beautiful, toned and elegant example of this impressive coin, of fine style and with excellent portraits. Minor scratches, otherwise, extremely fine.
Price: 27500 CHF
PTOLEMAIC KINGS OF EGYPT. Ptolemy IV Philopator, circa 225-205 BC. Tetradrachm (Silver, 25.5 mm, 14.23 g, 12 h), Sidon, after c. 217. Jugate busts to right of Serapis, wearing small medius, laureate, bearded and draped, and Isis, crowned, wheat-wreathed and draped. Rev. ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΠΤΟΛΕΜΑΙΟΥ Eagle with closed wings standing on thunderbolt to left, his head turned back to right, with cornucopiae at his shoulder. Landvatter 86 (O26/R75). Lorber 934. Very rare. Bright, attractive and clear. Minor marks, otherwise, extremely fine.
Price: 11500 CHF
KYRENAICA. Kyrene. Circa 308-277 BC. Tetrobol (Gold, 14 mm, 2.86 g, 12 h). Horseman riding slowly to left, wearing short robes and with his petasos hanging down behind his neck; in the field to right, behind the rider's back, eight-pointed star. Rev. KYPA Silphium; in the field to right, monogram of ΣΩΤ. BMC 211. Naville 161. SNG Copenhagen 1232 (same dies). Beautifully toned, very well-centered and struck from fresh dies: very probably the finest example of the type known. Extremely fine.
Price: 20000 CHF
Anonymous, c. 225-214/212 BC. Quadrigatus (Silver, 22 mm, 6.69 g, 6 h), Rome. Laureate janiform head of the Dioscouri; neck truncation. only slightly curved. Rev. Jupiter, holding scepter in his left hand and preparing to hurl his thunderbolt from his right, standing right in a quadriga, which is driven to the right by Victory who stands beside him; below, tablet inscribed with ROMA in incuse letters. Cohen 23. Crawford 28/3. Sydenham 64b. Well centered and lightly toned, struck on a broad flan and most attractive. Nearly extremely fine.
Price: 3250 CHF
Sextus Pompey, 42-40 BC. Denarius (Silver, 18 mm, 3.66 g, 3 h), military mint in Sicily. MAG · PIVS · IMP · ITER Diademed and bearded head of Neptune to right, with his trident over his left shoulder. Rev. PRAEF · CLAS · ET · ORÆ · MARIT · EX · S · C Naval trophy set on an anchor and supported by a trident; at base, two heads of Scylla. Crawford 511/2b. CRI 333. RBW 1784. Sydenham 1347. Rare. Beautifully toned, very well-struck and well-centered, with an unusually clear trophy and a fine head of Neptune. Extremely fine.
Price: 5500 CHF
BITHYNIA. Apamea. Augustus, with Agrippa, 27 BC-AD 14. (Bronze, 21 mm, 7.56 g, 1 h), struck under the duovir C. Cassius C. f., 27 BC. IMP CAESAR DIVI F AVGVSTO COS VII Bare head of Augustus to right. Rev. AGRIPPA COS III IM C DI F S C C R C CASSIVS C F IIVIR C I C F C Bare head of Agrippa to right. RPC 2008. RPC online 2008.16 (this coin). Rare and unusually complete. Tiny adjustment marks as made. Minor weakness and some spots of corrosion, otherwise, nearly extremely fine.
Price: 1750 CHF

Augustus. 27 BC-AD 14. Denarius (Silver, 18mm, 3.84 g 5), Lugdunum, 15 BC. AVGVSTVS DIVI F Bare head of Augustus to right. Rev. IMP.X Bull with head lowered, butting to right. BMC 451. Cohen 137. RIC 167 a. A splendid piece with a very good, Gallic-style portrait in high relief. Tiny flan crack and banker’s mark on the emperor’s cheek, otherwise, good extremely fine.

Price: 3750 CHF
Galba, 68-69. Denarius (Silver, 18 mm, 3.33 g, 7 h), Rome, circa July 68 - January 69. IMP SER GALBA AVG Bare head of Galba to right. Rev. SPQR / OB / C S within oak wreath. BMC 34 (there incorrectly termed laureate). BN 76. Cohen -. RIC 167. Rare. Beautifully toned and with a powerful portrait. Extremely fine.
Price: 2500 CHF
Vespasian, 69-79. Dupondius (Orichalcum, 27.5 mm, 12.98 g, 6 h), Rome, 72-73. IMP CAES VESPASIAN AVG COS IIII Radiate head of Vespasian to right. Rev. PAX AVGVSTA / S - C Pax standing to left, holding an olive branch in her right hand and a caduceus in her left. BMC-. BN -. Cohen -. RIC² 393. With a wonderfully powerful and noble portrait of Vespasian and a very attractive glossy, dark green patina. Edges struck flat on the obverse at 5°-8° and from 9°-1°on the reverse; the head of Pax struck flat, otherwise, extremely fine.
Price: 2550 CHF
Aelius, Caesar, 136-138. Denarius (Silver, 19 mm, 3.20 g, 6 h), Rome, 137. L AELIVS CAESAR Bare-headed bust of Aelius to right, with slight drapery on his far shoulder. Rev. TR POT COS II / CONCORD Concordia seated left on throne, holding a patera in her right hand and resting her left elbow on a cornucopiae. BMC 981. Cohen 3. RIC 436. An attractive piece, nicely toned and with an elegant portrait. Struck on a somewhat ragged flan, otherwise, good very fine.
Price: 675 CHF
Antoninus Pius, 138-161. Sestertius (Orichalcum, 33 mm, 25.86 g, 6 h), Rome, 139. ANTONINVS AVG PIVS P P Laureate head of Antoninus Pius to right; above his head, what appears to be a globe. Rev. TR POT COS II / S - C Fides standing facing, her head turned to right, holding two ears of grain in her right hand and a plate of fruit in her left. BMC 1145. Cohen 846. RIC 546. With a fine, dark olive-green patina and an excellent portrait. The curious globe-like circular object above Pius's head on the obverse is actually a form of corrosion. Nearly extremely fine.
Price: 2250 CHF
Divus Antoninus Pius, died 161. Sestertius (Orichalcum, 35 mm, 25.05 g, 6 h), Rome, 161 and later. DIVVS ANTONINVS Bare-headed bust of Antoninus Pius to right, with slight drapery over his far shoulder. Rev. CONSECRATIO S-C Eagle, with spread wings, standing left on globe, his head turned back to right. Banti 70 (cited from a single example in Paris). BMC 870 var (bust type). Cohen 161. RIC 1264. Very rare. Sharply struck and with a very attractive dark brown patina. Flan cracks, remains of corrosion, especially on the globe, and traces of highly professional smoothing in the fields, otherwise, extremely fine.
Price: 5000 CHF
Diva Faustina Junior, died 175/6. Sestertius (Orichalcum, 29 mm, 24.02 g, 6 h), Rome, circa 176-180. DIVA FAV-STINA PIA Draped bust of Faustina to right, her hair in a long braid bound up in a bun at the back. Rev. AETERNITAS The draped figure of the deified Faustina II seated left on a low-backed throne, holding a scepter in her upraised right hand, resting her left in her lap, and with her veil, one end held in her right hand and the other wrapped around her body, billowing out above her head; to left and right, draped female figure moving to left, each with a veil, held in her right hand and wrapped around her body, billowing over her head; each looks toward Faustina, the one on the left turning her head back to do so; below, S C. Banti 7. BMC (Marcus Aurelius) 1568 (variant - with S-C in field to left and right). Cohen 10. RIC (Marcus Aurelius) 1697 (variant - with S-C in field to left and right). Very rare. A remarkably beautiful example, perhaps the finest known, well-struck and well-centered with a lovely grey and olive-green patina. Minor flan crack. Extremely fine.
Price: 35000 CHF
ARABIA. Philippopolis. Divus Julius Marinus, father of Philip I, died circa 246/7. (Bronze, 22.5 mm, 7.92 g, 12 h), minted under his son, Philip I, c. 247-249. ΘЄΩ MAPINΩ Bareheaded bust of Divus Julius Marinus to right, with slight drapery on his far shoulder, set upon an eagle standing right with spread wings. Rev. ΦIΛIΠΠOΠOΛITΩN KOΛΩNIAC /S-C Roma (or Allat?) standing left, holding patera in her right hand, spear in her left, and with a shield at her side at the base of her spear. Butcher, INJ 9, pl. 25, 11 (same obverse die). Israel Museum 4616 (same dies. RPC VIII online ID 2243. SNG ANS 1402 (same obverse die). Spijkerman 2 (same obverse die). Rare. A splendid example with a fine olive-brown patina. About extremely fine.
Price: 5250 CHF
Eugenius, 392-394. Tremissis (Gold, 14 mm, 1.48 g, 6 h), Mediolanum, spring 393 - 6 September 394. D N EVGENI-VS P F AVG Pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust of Eugenius to right. Rev. VICTORIA AVGVSTORVM /M-D/ COM Victory advancing to left, holding wreath with her extended right hand and palm branch with her left. Cohen 10. Depeyrot 11/2. RIC IX 29.1.
Price: 15000 CHF
Constantine IV Pogonatus, 668-685. Solidus (Gold, 20 mm, 4.13 g, 6 h), Syracuse, 681-685. d NCONSTANႺЧ Helmeted, diademed and cuirassed bust of Constantine IV facing, holding spear in his right hand and with shield over his left shoulder. Rev. VICTORIA AVVg Θ. / CONOB Cross potent on base and three steps. DOC 59a var. MIB 37 var. S 1204 var. Very rare. Clearly and attractively struck. Extremely fine.
Price: 5000 CHF

Tiberius III (Apsimar). 698-705. Solidus (Gold, 3.98 g 6), Naples. d TIbERIႷ S P AV Crowned and cuirassed bust of Tiberius III facing, holding spear in his right hand and with shield over his left shoulder. Rev. VICTOR AVႺႷ✶ / CONOB‧ Cross potent on base and three steps. DOC 34. MIB 52. SB 1397. Very rare. Some very minor marks and, possibly, very light graffiti, otherwise, good very fine.
From an important collection of Byzantine coins, Sincona 3, 25 October 2011, 3392, and ex Triton III, 1 December 1999, 1307.

Price: 7500 CHF
Philippicus (Bardanes), 711-713. Solidus (Gold, 18 mm, 3.99 g, 6 h), Syracuse. d N FILEPICO PP AV Crowned bust of Philippicus facing, wearing loros and holding globus cruciger in his right hand and eagle tipped scepter in his left. Rev. VICTORIA AVgu* / P / [CONOB] Cross potent on base and three steps. DOC 16. MIB 10. S 1458. Extremely rare. Minor marks on the reverse, otherwise, extremely fine.
Price: 10000 CHF
Philippicus (Bardanes), 711-713. Solidus (Gold, 20 mm, 4.44 g, 6 h), Constantinople, 6th officina. d N FILEPICUS MULTUS AN Crowned bust of Philippicus facing, wearing loros and holding globus cruciger in his right hand and eagle-tipped scepter in his left. Rev. VICTORIA AVgUS / CONOB Cross potent on base and three steps. DOC 1f. MIB 1. S 1447. A superb, well-nigh perfect example, beautifully centered and well struck. Good extremely fine.
Price: 10000 CHF
Isaac II Angelus, first reign, 1185-1195. Aspron Trachy (Electrum, 29 mm, 3.54 g, 6 h), Constantinople. The Virgin orans enthroned facing; on her breast, facing head of infant Christ; at sides of nimbus, MHP - ΘV. Rev. ICAAKIOC O / X / M Isaac, on left, standing facing and holding cruciform scepter in his right hand and akakia with his left, crowned by Archangel Michael on right, nimbate and in military attire, also standing facing and holding jewelled scepter with his left hand. DOC 2. SB 2002. Toned and unusually attractive. Struck on a slightly ragged flan, otherwise, extremely fine.
Price: 1500 CHF