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P. Fonteius P.f. Capito and T. Didius. 55 BC. Denarius (Silver, 17mm, 3.35 g 6), Rome. P FONTEIVS CAPITO III VIR CONCORDIA Diademed and draped head of Concordia to right. Rev. T DIDI - VIL PVB / IMP The Villa Publica in Campus Martius. Babelon Fonteia 18 and Didia 1. Cr. 429/2a. Sydenham 901. A lovely piece with an attractive old cabinet tone. Sharply struck. One minor nick on the head of Concordia, otherwise, extremely fine.
From a Swiss collection.

In addition to holding the censors’ records and serving as their offices, the Villa Publica on the Campus Martius also served as a place where foreign ambassadors were greeted, where generals waited to hear if they would be granted a triumph, and also as a meeting point for army levies. The House of the people was first erected in 435 BC and then restored and enlarged in 194 and 34.