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nomos auction 22
may 2021
Auction 21
Estimate: 2250 CHF
Lot 154
ATTICA. Athens. Circa 449-445 BC. Tetradrachm (Silver, 23 mm, 16.96 g, 11 h). Head of Athena to right, wearing crested Attic helmet with a small and delicate palmette and three olive leaves. Rev. ΑΘΕ Owl standing to right, head facing and with a relatively long, thin, diagonal body; behind, olive spray and crescent moon. Starr -. Cf. Svoronos pl. 12, 2. Very attractively toned and of fine style. Some pitting on the reverse, otherwise, extremely fine.
obolos webauction
obolos webauction 17
20 december 2020
Obolos 17
Estimate: 500 CHF
Lot 651
Domitian, as Caesar, 69-81. Sestertius (Orichalcum, 33.5 mm, 25.19 g, 7 h), uncertain mint in Thrace or Bithynia, circa 79. CAES DIVI AVG VESP F DOMITIANVS COS VI Laureate head of Domitian to right. Rev. ROMA / S - C. Roma standing to left, draped with single breast exposed, wearing a crested helmet and being crowned by Victory who she holds in her extended right hand and holding a long spear with her left. Apparently unique and unpublished save for its previous auction appearance. With an excellent and well struck portrait. Attractive patina with natural earthen deposits. Struck during the famous year of the volcanic erruption of Mt Vesuvius. Uncleaned deposits on the obverse, otherwise, good very fine.
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