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nomos auction
nomos auction 22
may 2021
Auction 21
Estimate: 30000 CHF
Lot 363
Constantine I, 307/310-337. Solidus (Gold, 20 mm, 4.44 g, 12 h), Sirmium, 323. CONSTANTI-NVS P F AVG Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust of Constantine I to right. Rev. SECVRITAS P-ERPETVA / SIRM Emperor standing facing, in military dress and turned slightly to left, holding long scepter in his left hand and adjusting helmet on military trophy at his left; pieces of armor flanking the base of the trophy. Cohen -. Depeyrot 7/5 var. (but a laureate head, not a bust) - RIC 42 var. (but a laureate head, not a bust). Good extremely fine.
obolos webauction
obolos webauction 18
21 february 2021
Obolos 18
Estimate: 100 CHF
Lot 472
L. Papius, 79 BC. Denarius Serratus (Silver, 19 mm, 3.89 g, 4 h), Rome. Head of Juno Sospita to right; behind, flail. Rev. L · PAPI Gryphon springing right; below, basket with strap. Babelon, (Papia) 1. Crawford 384/1 (symbol: 45). Sydenham 773. An nicely toned attractive coin with good centering. Very fine.
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