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nomos auction 22
22 june 2021
Auction 21
Estimate: 1500 CHF
Lot 15
CELTIC, Central Europe - Switzerland. Sequani - Helvetii. Late 2nd - early 1st century BC. Quarter Stater (Electrum, 15 mm, 1.51 g, 2 h), "à la lyre" type. Celticized head of Apollo with curly hair to right. Rev. Deconstructed charioteer driving biga to right; below horse, standard surmounted by bird standing to left. Allen, SNR 53, -. Castelin -. De La Tour 8930 (as uncertain eastern) = Delestrée & Tache 3082 (same dies). HMZ I. 13 (this coin). Apparently only the third example known. Flan fault and scuff on the obverse, otherwise, very fine.
obolos webauction
obolos webauction 19
8 may 2021
Obolos 19
Estimate: 75 CHF
Lot 741
C. Mamilius Limetanus, 82 BC. Denarius Serratus (Silver, 19 mm, 3.85 g, 3 h), Rome. Draped bust of Mercury to right, wearing winged petasos and with caduceus over his left shoulder; behind head, E. Rev. C · MAMIL LIME(TA)N Ulysses standing right, holding staff in his left hand and extending his right towards his dog Argus who is barking in greeting on the right. Babelon (Mamilia) 6. Crawford 362/1. Sydenham 741. Lightly toned and with an iconic reverse. Striking weakness, otherwise, good very fine.
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