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nomos auction
nomos auction 22
may 2021
Auction 21
Estimate: 650 CHF
Lot 32
LUCANIA. Herakleia. Circa 281-278 BC. Nomos (Silver, 20 mm, 7.84 g, 5 h), time of Pyrrhos, struck under the magistrate Aris... ˫ΗΡΑΚΛΗΙΩΝ Head of Athena to right, wearing Corinthian helmet adorned with a figure of Skylla hurling a rock right on the bowl, a pendant earring and a simple necklace; behind Athena's neck, E. Rev. Youthful Herakles standing facing, nude but for lion's skin over his left arm, holding club in his right hand and, in his left, a bow and an arrow; above club, owl standing right, head facing; in field to left, APIΣ. HN III 1385. SNG ANS 78-9. Clear and with a wonderful and stylish obverse. Extremely fine.
obolos webauction
obolos webauction 18
21 february 2021
Obolos 18
Estimate: 500 CHF
Lot 611
Pescennius Niger, 193-194. Denarius (Silver, 18 mm, 3.40 g, 10 h), Antioch. IMP CAES C PESC NIGER IVST AVG Laureate head of Pescennius to right. Rev. VIRTV-TI AVG Virtus standing facing, head to right, holding spear in his right hand and a shield with his left. RIC 92b. Sharp portrait and strong strike. Porosity, otherwise, good very fine.
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