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nomos auction
nomos auction 22
may 2021
Auction 21
Estimate: 500 CHF
Lot 140
MACEDON (ROMAN PROVINCE). Aesillas, quaestor, circa 95-70 BC. Tetradrachm (Silver, 30 mm, 16.81 g, 11 h), Thessalonika. MAKEΔONΩN Head of the deified Alexander the Great to right; behind, reversed B. Rev. AESILLAS / Q Money chest, club, and stool; all within wreath. Bauslaugh Group III 15A/85 (same dies). Lightly toned; with a relatively small obverse die, fully attested on coin. Very fine.
obolos webauction
obolos webauction 17
20 december 2020
Obolos 17
Estimate: 100 CHF
Lot 104
KINGS OF BOSPOROS. Leukon II, circa 240-220 BC. Diobol (Silver, 11 mm, 0.96 g), Pantikapaion, struck under the magistrate Diog.... Head of Zeus to right. Rev. ΔIOC Sword in sheath and Galatian shield. Apparently unpublished. Cf. Roma e61, (2019), 213 for an obol bearing the same types. Very fine.
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