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nomos auction 21
13 november 2020
Auction 20
Estimate: 950 CHF
CILICIA. Kolybrassos. Julia Mamaea, 222-235. Tetrassarion (Bronze, 34 mm, 23.35 g, 6 h). ΙΟΥΛΙΑΝ..ΜΑΜΑΙΑΝ Diademed and draped bust of Julia Mamaea to right. Rev. ΚΟΛΥΒΡΑCCΕΩΝ Athena, helmeted and draped, standing facing, her head turned to right, holding a patera in her right hand and, in her left, a transverse spear. Apparently unpublished, save for Gorny & Mosch 196, 2011, 2237 (same dies). Very rare. A bold and attractive coin with a dark, olive-green patina. About extremely fine.
obolos webauction 16
september 2020
Obolos 15
Estimate: 75 CHF
KINGS OF CAPPADOCIA. Ariarathes VII Philometor, circa 116-101 BC. Drachm (Silver, 18 mm, 4.16 g, 12 h), Eusebeia-Mazaca, year 9 (Θ) = 108/7. Diademed head of Ariarathes to right. Rev. BAΣΙΛΕΩΣ APIAPAΘOY ΦΙΛOMHTOPOΣ Athena standing left, holding Nike on her extended right hand and spear and shield with her left; in inner left, O above MI monogram; Λ in inner right; in exergue, Θ (date). BMC 2. Simonetta 5. Unusually fine style; struck in good silver. Good very fine.
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